Synonyms for Savor:


aftertaste, texture, body. distraction, entertainment, diversion, devilment, gaieties, fling, Sapor, giggle, fun, amusement, frolic. drink in, get, have your fun, go in for, aroma, revel in, take/find pleasure in (doing) something, like, delight in, atmosphere. cannibalize, mark, characteristic, peculiarity, attribute, character, feature, trait, property, champ, quality, crunch, chow down, devour, be, bite, choke down, chomp, demolish, bolt. distinctive quality (noun)
characteristic, feature, property, mark, trait, character, attribute, flavor.
flavor (noun)
odor (noun)
scent, tinge.
savor (noun)
flavor, flavour, savour, sapidity, smack, enjoy, bask, relish.
taste (noun)
taste, flavor (noun)
sapidity, Sapor, smack, tinge, scent, relish.


delight in, enjoy (verb)
sample, like, revel in, taste.
perception (verb)
taste (verb)
sample, taste.

Other synonyms:

bite, aftertaste, Sapor, texture. attribute, peculiarity, aroma, like, trait. quality, scent. body, feature. atmosphere, property. character. mark. Other relevant words:
champ, flavor, peculiarity, feature, fling, amusement, revel in, gaieties, property, character, Sapor, giggle, get, enjoy, savour, devour, entertainment, bask, characteristic, trait, frolic, devilment, distraction, mark, flavour, bite, tinge, sample, quality, sapidity, smack, texture, attribute, cannibalize, scent, aroma, chomp, be, fun, like, crunch, bolt, aftertaste, atmosphere, diversion, relish, body, demolish, delight in.

Usage examples for savor

  1. Somehow the smile annoyed her- it seemed to savor of self- confidence. – The Silver Horde by Rex Beach
  2. He would do naught that would savor of a breach of faith with the enemy. – Peggy Owen and Liberty by Lucy Foster Madison
  3. But as I should acknowledge that my conduct would savor of insolence and oppression if I rejected you on your coming in person to solicit peace, before I crossed over into Africa, you voluntarily retiring from Italy, and after you had embarked your troops, so now, when I have dragged you into Africa almost by manual force, notwithstanding your resistance and evasions, I am not bound to treat you with any respect. – The Best of the World's Classics, Restricted to prose. Volume II (of X) - Rome by Various