Synonyms for Feature:


special (adjective)
idiosyncratic, hallmark, keynote, specific, different, precise, quirky, individual, particular, discriminating, specialized, special, peculiar, definite, distinguishing, characteristic.


centerfold, cheesecake, highlight, artwork, classified ad, advice column, announcement, banner headline, focus, innovation, byline. biography, art, aspect, gossip, opinion, fiction, comment, background, facet, leader, column, humor, nature, editorial, serial, cartoon, story. point, B movie, blue movie, animation, buddy movie, chiller, chick flick, biopic, costume drama, anime. epitomize, come down to, represent, characterize, typify, kisser, precede, pan, puss, muzzle, visage, exemplify, face, enter into, map, countenance, define, embody, mug. bulletin, chat show, docudrama, broadcast, savor, breakfast television, be, docusoap, closed-captioned, documentary, call-in. lead, words, Chops, physiognomy, looks. body (noun)
characteristic (noun)
aspect, item, component, individuality, ingredient, facet, factor, quality, peculiarity, point, particularity, element, trait, idiosyncrasy, mark, savor, article, constituent, specialty, property, hallmark.
component (noun)
segment, component, fragment, element, constituent, piece, matter, member, fraction, portion, section, material, part, percentage, ingredient, article, medium, factor, filament, item.
documentary (noun)
feature (noun)
characteristic, feature film, have, feature article, lineament.
highlight, special attraction (noun)
piece of writing (noun)
special article in publication (noun)
comment, piece, story, column.
specialty (noun)
figure, mannerism, hallmark, quirk, particularity, way, specialization, trait, Discriminant, characteristic, cachet, individuality, quality, forte, idiosyncrasy, peculiarity, specialty, flavor, difference, definiteness, keynote, mark, stamp, property.


stative (verb)

Other synonyms:

exemplify, come down to, docusoap, enter into, chat show, nature, physiognomy, facet, highlight, closed-captioned, Chops, typify, kisser, aspect, epitomize, breakfast television. define, characterize, puss, mug, visage, pan, embody. bulletin, muzzle, broadcast. countenance, represent, savor, map, call-in. face, point. leader. Other relevant words:
closed-captioned, lineament, define, mug, documentary, countenance, facet, pan, feature article, point, physiognomy, chiller, lead, kisser, map, editorial, puss, aspect, comment, story, characterize, highlight, broadcast, leader, opinion, muzzle, epitomize, nature, biography, face, be, innovation, visage, characteristic, feature film, bulletin, cartoon, fiction, docusoap, savor, have, typify, column, looks.

Usage examples for feature

  1. Worn though her face was, she possessed one feature her eyes, which still entitled her to be called a beautiful woman. – Jeanne of the Marshes by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  2. As soon as the Stock Exchange opened, National Coal became the feature – The Deluge by David Graham Phillips
  3. Every feature tells that you are mine- I always knew that. – The Northern Light by E. Werner