Synonyms for Lemon:


buff (adjective)
straw, tawny, ecru, canary.
yellow (adjective)
crocus, maize, dandelion, buttery, sunshine, golden, amber, gilded, primrose, sulfur, ecru, champagne, mustard, buff, Aurin, citron, sandy, yellow, honey, jaundiced, fallow, Cream-colored, straw, goldenrod, saffron, Xanthic, sunny, gold, sallow, canary, Flaxen, chartreuse, tawny, jasmine, honey-colored.


wares, goods, product, consumer goods, loss leader, bundle, acquisition, offering, merchandise, come-on. bomb, washout, bust, fiasco, thrive. citrus fruit (noun)
colors (noun)
bronze, brown, black, blackness, biscuit, blue, aquamarine, aqua.
disappointment (noun)
fiasco, washout, dud, bust.
dud (noun)
loser, bomb.
failure (noun)
turkey, dud.
flop (noun)
fruit (noun)
casaba melon, fruit, berry, mango, guava, passion fruit, pomegranate, plum, blackberry, prune, banana, strawberry, melon, gooseberry, raspberry, watermelon, tangerine, nectarine, currant, olive, loganberry, grapefruit, date, raisin, cranberry, grape, pineapple, cantaloupe, tamarind, blueberry.
fruits (noun)
ackee, blood orange, bilberry, black currant, beefsteak tomato.
inferior (noun)
underdog, has-been, turkey, failure, nonstarter, subaltern, subordinate, second fiddle, second, born loser, underachiever, also-ran, reject, inferior, underling, flop, loser, dud, second banana.
lemon (noun)
failure, gamboge, lemon yellow, maize, reject, flop, Citrus Limon, stinker, lemon tree.
tree (noun)
birch, pecan, lime, alder, laurel, ironwood, elm, coconut, mangrove, cedar, spruce, mulberry, sandalwood, walnut, orange, elder, poplar, eucalyptus, cherry, hickory, citron, mountain ash, balsam, chestnut, cottonwood, almond, apple, locust, magnolia, mimosa, pear, larch, acacia, breadfruit, cashew, balsa, pine, maple, linden, weeping willow, fir, palm, juniper, avocado, yew, willow, papaya, tamarack, quince, dogwood, oak, cypress, aspen, gum, fig, tree, peach, cassia, banyan, teak, ebony, sycamore, rosewood, redwood, mahogany, butternut, apricot, beech, ash, sequoia.
yellow (noun)

Other synonyms:

bomb, washout, fiasco. Other relevant words:
biscuit, blue, product, offering, bilberry, lemon yellow, lemon tree, acquisition, wares, merchandise, washout, stinker, fiasco, brown, bust, bundle, goods, aqua, black, ackee, aquamarine, bronze, Citrus Limon, food, thrive, gamboge, bomb, blackness.

Usage examples for lemon

  1. The Mills bomb, which has a scored surface to prevent slipping, is about the shape and size of a large lemon – Italy at War and the Allies in the West by E. Alexander Powell
  2. " I cal'late it's too soiled already to be hurt by a bath, even a lemon one. – Cy Whittaker's Place by Joseph C. Lincoln
  3. They accomplish this feat in a twinkling, as French peers should; why they did not do it before does not appear: probably because the treble marriage would not have looked so pretty in Notre Dame as under the lemon trees. – The English Novel in the Time of Shakespeare by J. J. Jusserand