Synonyms for Shape:


take effect, affect, interact, make a difference, bring out, impact, come into play, put. peculiarity, quality, ghost, component, factor, shade, apparition, wraith, facet, nature, feature, property. confines, corner, edge, back, bump, brim, apex, base, bottom, bevel, surface. well-being, mental health, wellness, ill health. silhouette, profile, proportions, formation. as is, preservation, stand. appearance (noun)
look, display, countenance, appearance, aspect, demeanor, mien, image, spectacle, bearing, figure, vista, view, show, air.
attribute (noun)
contour, conformation, form, configuration.
circumstances (noun)
condition (noun)
state, fitness, health.
condition, health (noun)
kilter, fitness, trim, fettle, state, order.
distorted (noun)
flat, battered, bent, ruined, misshapen, twisted, broken.
form (noun)
configuration, features, physique, build, mold.
form, structure (noun)
frame, contour, profile, embodiment, chassis, cast, build, look, architecture, mold, aspect, model, constitution, make, figure, appearance, silhouette, conformation, configuration, construction, pattern.
good condition (noun)
health (noun)
outline (noun)
shape (noun)
influence, material body, pattern, mold, flesh, physical body, form, bod, anatomy, work, frame, conformation, contour, physique, mould, figure, cast, determine, chassis, human body, soma, condition, build, forge, embodiment, regulate, configuration.
tops (noun)


change (verb)
cognition (verb)
mold, influence, regulate, determine.
creation (verb)
form, work, mould, forge, mold.
devise, plan (verb)
regulate, form, prepare.
form, create (verb)
forge, construct.
order (verb)
maintain, separate, unsnarl, grade, support, collate, categorize, scheme, chart, group, orchestrate, settle, sift, integrate, rate, marshal, plot, control, subordinate, normalize, score, pigeonhole, classify, class, form, array, right, program, plan, fix, order, stratify, compose, systematize, Methodize, rank, structure, arrange, rationalize, organize, cast, adjust, prepare, unify, frame, schematize, sort, type, regulate, balance, screen, schedule, design, set, stabilize, place, harmonize, devise, mediate, establish.
prototype (verb)
prototype, imagine, model.
structure (verb)
make, constitute, construct.

Other synonyms:

straighten, bring out, interact, wellness, fettle, ill health, well-being, kilter. impact, bend, curl, reshape, mental health, twist, health. preservation, affect, formation. open up. state. stand. contour
silhouette, contour.
Other relevant words:
pattern, state, kilter, condition, forge, trim, apparition, wraith, fettle, mould, ghost, shade.

Usage examples for shape

  1. Then out of the night the shape of a man approached with silent steps. – Blindfolded by Earle Ashley Walcott
  2. Come, dear troubadour, you must be a little patient, to begin with, and then you can get accustomed to it; if we do not work on ourselves, how can we hope to be always in shape to work on others? – The George Sand-Gustave Flaubert Letters by George Sand, Gustave Flaubert Translated by A.L. McKensie
  3. It was a handsome box, of curious shape with a round cover over, and a handle to carry it by- a sewing- machine in these parts! – Growth of the Soil by Knut Hamsun