Synonyms for Surface:


external (adjective)
outer, covering, outward, exterior, outside, superficial, shallow.
objective (adjective)
extrinsic, peripheral, non-subjective, external, outside, objective, outer, unbiased, detached, disinterested, exterior, impartial.
outward (adjective)
outside, exterior, objective, extrinsic, outward, face, outer, external.
shallow (adjective)
shallow, superficial, skin-deep, cursory, epidermal.


paint, layer, plate, membrane, skin, blanket. affectation, endowment, flaw, incarnation, predisposition, alter ego, fault, propensity, foible, persona. alleged, anecdotal, doubtful, speculative, unfounded, allegedly, apparently, unsubstantiated, seemingly, supposed. alley, bleachers, clay, crease, the bench, baseline, bowl, the box, court, Astroturf. amphibious, automotive, heavy, roadworthy, vehicular, armored, express, flex-fuel, motor, seaworthy. apex, base, bottom, bump, corner, back, bevel, edge, brim, confines. loom, emergence, resurface, flash, reappear, rear its (ugly) head, take shape. under/in the guise of, cast, Styling, look, aspect, appearance, externals, effect. get around, break, leak out, circulate, get out, spread, percolate. hoist, elevate, raise, heave, kick up, pick up, soar. asphalt, blacktop, flagstone, gravel, chippings, bitumen, cobble, double yellow line, gradient, cobblestones. exterior (noun)
covering, superficies, cover, facade.
external part of something (noun)
periphery, cover, superficiality, face, skin, Exteriority, superficies.
objectivity (noun)
objectivity, disinterestedness, periphery, impartiality, Objectiveness, detachment.
outwardness (noun)
outwardness, Exteriority.
shallowness (noun)
superficiality, skin-deepness, shallowness, Cursoriness.
skin (noun)
surface (noun)
earth's surface, opencast, show up, superficial, turn up, opencut, open, come-on, come out, skin-deep, shallow, coat, grade-constructed, airfoil, ground level, aboveground, control surface, rise, come up, strip, aerofoil, grade, rise up.
texture (noun)
grit, smoothness, grain, fineness, pile, material, granulation, nap, weave, roughness, tissue, coarseness, touch, fabric, web, feel, texture.


appear (verb)
emerge, arise, materialize, display, show, appear.
come to the top of (verb)
emerge, arise, materialize, come up, rise, appear.

Other synonyms:

externals, edge, plate, paint, covering, blanket, Styling, layer. appearance, apparently, seemingly. aspect. effect, cast, membrane. cover. look. heavy. come on

Usage examples for surface

  1. She has seen him below the surface now, when it is too late. – Man and Wife by Wilkie Collins
  2. Once on the surface we'll be able to fight our way to the ship, will we not?" – The Death-Traps of FX-31 by Sewell Peaslee Wright
  3. There is not so much difference as may appear on the surface – Pagan & Christian Creeds Their Origin and Meaning by Edward Carpenter