Synonyms for Turn:


about-face, circulation, revolution, gyration, rotation, gyre, spiral. angle, activity, shift, corner, fork, action, thing, venture, demonstration, hook, operation. adjust, change, crossing, turn something inside out, tip-up, tilt, crisis, juncture, climax, emergency. bloated, bring up, chuck up, carsick, fright, come up, cloy, airsick, disgorge, surprise, jolt, bilious, blow. change into, diversify, accomplishment, go into, turn into, aid, service, tend, convert. appear, be, deviation, come over, feel, detour, look. beltway, byroad, consistently, byway, regularly, artery, boulevard, constantly, bypass, B-road, avenue, blacktop. branch off, divide, extend, end, orbit, ascend, circumvolve, move, connect, repetition, bifurcate, carry. back, back away, part, stand aside, shrink, scatter, draw back, retreat, backtrack, pull away. sharp, burrow, balance, cower, dull, bestride, crane, double over, blunt. agonize, camber, connection, central reservation, carpool lane, bike lane, cloverleaf, bicycle lane, chicane, toss. encore, curtain call, opener, finale, intermission, bill, repertoire, grand finale, health, interval, material. derange, fester, disorder, biodegrade, perish, unsettle, go off, curdle. bleach, brighten, veer, divert, mellow, gray, fade, avert, lighten, swing, pivot, blacken, bleed. channel, catch, refract, come in, crest, burst, straight, cast up, course, dash, deepen. leaf through, look at, skim, scan, flick through, arc, dip into, run down, glance, look through, arch, browse. card, chase, chop, transpose, flail, file, chisel, drill, chip away, cut. walk, mosey, alter, mutate, vary, hike, trek, trudge, modify. approach, desert, defect, trust, renegade, tergiversate, rat, apostatize. direct, cast, set, head, level, aim, train, zero in, lay, point, seek. apply, buckle down, dedicate, collect, devote, concentrate, focus. break down, deteriorate, taint, better, thrive, molder. repair, refer, used, resort. come, wax. displease, give offense to, offend, pain, like. act (noun)
play, twist.
aptitude, knack (noun)
chance, opportunity (noun)
action, act, service, bit, go, accomplishment, spell, tour, bout, move, routine.
change (noun)
changes (noun)
shake up, effect, adjustment, evolution, trend, alteration, reform, transformation, correction.
curve (noun)
opposite (noun)
revolution (noun)
revolution, curving (noun)
corner, deviation, pivot, roll, wind, angle, whirl, twist, reverse, rotation, change, spiral, cycle, gyre, fork, wheel, swing, hook, bend, spin, detour, gyration, trend, shift, about-face, circulation, pirouette, turning, round.
rotation (noun)
scare (noun)
fright, blow, surprise, jolt.
spell (noun)
sudden change (noun)


become sour or tainted (verb)
taint, disintegrate, molder, dull, rot, break down, decay, putrefy, decompose, spoil, crumble, curdle.
change one's mind; defect (verb)
desert, apostatize, tergiversate, rat.
convolute (verb)
convolute, coil, wind, meander.
revolve, curve (verb)
arc, circulate, gyrate, cut, orbit, eddy, rotate.
roll (verb)
roll, cycle, swirl, spin.
rotate (verb)
circulate, circumnavigate, pirouette, whirl, wheel, twist, gyrate, rotate, eddy, revolve.
sicken (verb)
unsettle, derange, disorder.
use; resort to (verb)
approach, devote, repair, apply, tend, look.

Other synonyms:

tip-up, divert, about-face, gyration, revolution, apostatize, mutate, refract, circumvolve. angle, spiral, devote, circulation, arc, molder, transpose, fork, agonize, aim, trend, rotation, tergiversate, taint. avert, arch, unsettle, corner, evolution, adjust, walk, wax, dedicate, orbit, tilt. derange, desert, pivot, concentrate, resort, deteriorate. defect. apply, toss. direct. swing, cast, refer. lay. head. come, set. level. bend
camber, refract.
alter, vary.
change into.
zero in.
Other relevant words:
service, course, gyre, trend, point, wrench, orbit, divert, jolt, tour, set, turning, head, bend, pivot, accomplishment, move, spell, tend, deviation, cut, aim, act, revolution, shift, train, action, crook, cast, swing, bout, thing, go, round, veer, number, direct, walk, rotation, change, operation, good turn.

Usage examples for turn

  1. Now, Bunny and Sue, it's your turn – Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue Playing Circus by Laura Lee Hope
  2. You won't turn away from me when I tell you? – Love of Brothers by Katharine Tynan