Synonyms for Presence:


glamor, charisma, good looks, ubiquity, allure, magnetism, occupation, attendance, character, glitz, lure, charm, appeal. nearness, availability, propinquity, present, bodily, neighborhood, in the flesh, closeness, here, proximity, on-the-spot. force, detail, appearance, flying squad, the CID, drug squad, forensics, behavior, port, constabulary, Interpol, highway patrol, demeanor, guard. dryad, ghost, Genie, haunt, guardian angel, ghostly, daemon, doppelganger, be. manner, labor force, address, labor market, workforce, staff, profession, air, payroll, people, personnel, style, labor, manpower. appearance, demeanor (noun)
behavior, port, comportment, bearing, mien, address, air.
behavior (noun)
closeness, vicinity (noun)
nearness, neighborhood, propinquity, proximity.
life (noun)
location (noun)
occupancy, attendance (noun)
occupation, being, subsistence, ubiquity, residence, existence.
presence (noun)
inhabitation, residence, mien, front, occupancy, bearing, comportment.

Other synonyms:

appearance, attendance, availability, behavior. bodily, port, demeanor. manner, here. style. present, air. Other relevant words:
force, labor, attendance, neighborhood, constabulary, character, allure, bearing, air, detail, staff, dryad, be, magnetism, payroll, ghostly, availability, here, doppelganger, proximity, comportment, people, charm, closeness, personnel, haunt, lure, glitz, appeal, manner, forensics, bodily, style, Genie, behavior, workforce, profession, address, guard, front, Interpol, occupation, propinquity, appearance, daemon, manpower, ghost, ubiquity, port, charisma, demeanor, present, glamor, nearness, mien.

Usage examples for presence

  1. It almost seemed that he had forgotten her presence – The Secret Witness by George Gibbs
  2. Helena was glad of her mother's presence but she could not bear to be looked at. – The Trespasser by D.H. Lawrence
  3. His presence there for two days gave her a start. – The Eustace Diamonds by Anthony Trollope