Synonyms for Decide:


come down, make up your mind, arrive at, commit yourself. color, lead to, grip, pack a punch, law, skew, umpire, decree, catch, give, adjudge, stir. draw, translate, provoke, leave, result in, call forth, bring forth, meet. decide (noun)
make up one's mind, determine, settle.
settle (noun)
come to an agreement, clinch, form a resolution, vote, poll, settle upon, fix on, compromise, draw a conclusion, form a judgment, fix upon, have the final word, come to a conclusion, make a selection, arrive at a conclusion, make a decision, award, adjudge, form an opinion, cast the die, commit oneself.


choose (verb)
espouse, prefer, choose, adopt, favor, pick, select, like, wish, elect, fancy.
cognition (verb)
determine, make up one's mind.
judge (verb)
mediate, pronounce, judge, adjudicate, find, consider, assess, arbitrate, referee, sentence, resolve, rule, appraise, determine.
make a determination; settle an issue (verb)
elect, award, cast the die, decree, clinch, judge, determine, choose, rule, vote, select, draw a conclusion, poll, make a decision, mediate, fix upon, adjudicate, adjudge, commit oneself, pick, resolve.

Other synonyms:

bring forth, result in, lead to, arrive at, call forth, clinch, adjudge. grip, skew. stir. translate. catch. draw. meet. leave. give. judge
make a selection.
Other relevant words:
grip, poll, lead to, decree, make a decision, umpire, arrive at, cast the die, form an opinion, draw, make up one's mind, give, commit oneself, adjudge, settle upon, meet, award, draw a conclusion, vote, settle, color, stir, fix upon, clinch, fix on.

Usage examples for decide

  1. " But listen before you decide – The Rebel of the School by Mrs. L. T. Meade
  2. I think that you should know this; and that you should decide for yourself- whether you will see her. – Chippinge Borough by Stanley J. Weyman
  3. Then they would decide upon what to do next. – The Auto Boys' Vacation by James A. Braden