Synonyms for Speech:


creole, interlingual, acrolect, basilect, heritage language, first language, diglossia, interlanguage, home language. action, aside, ad lib, palaver, contrivance, parlance, comic relief, the credits, content, backstory, conversation, act, denouement, communication, discourse. diatribe, declamation, exhortation, public speaking, panegyric, sermon, vote of thanks, oratory, paper, stump, the Pledge of Allegiance, eulogy, presentation, spiel, Prelection, rhetoric, allocation, tirade, monologue, bombast, disquisition, appeal, invocation, opus, homily, commentary, dissertation, salutation, harangue, valedictory. networking, verbalization, communications, channel, interchange, show, turn of phrase. confab, colloquy, dialogue, confabulation, jaw, converse. langue. articulation (noun)
conversation (noun)
confab, confabulation.
discourse (noun)
formal talk to audience (noun)
oratory, lecture, exhortation, diatribe, debate, homily, eulogy, panegyric, paper, rhetoric, commentary, bombast, valedictory, disquisition, oration, declamation, opus, sermon, appeal, recitation, discourse, allocution, stump, tirade, harangue, Prelection, salutation, invocation, dissertation.
harangue (noun)
language (noun)
public speaking (noun)
speech (noun)
delivery, locution, prattle, language, spoken language, actor's line, chat, oration, talking to, babbling, patter, lecture, dialog, circumlocution, spoken communication, chattering, words, spoken word, manner of speaking, jabbering, chitchat, rhetoric, debate, allocution, voice communication, speech communication, oral communication, elocution, vocalization, discussion, recitation, talking, dialect, remark, voice, report, speaking.
talk (noun)
communication, dialogue, articulation, verbalization, language, discussion, pronunciation, parlance, voice, conversation, utterance, dialect, prattle, palaver, vocalization, locution, enunciation, oral communication, speaking, elocution, spiel.
verbalization (noun)
voice (noun)
emission, cry, intonation, whisper, groan, enunciation, articulation, pronunciation, moan, exclamation, murmur, utterance.

Other synonyms:

communication, vote of thanks, homily, public speaking, langue, confab, Prelection, confabulation, the Pledge of Allegiance. verbalization, presentation, conversation, colloquy, converse, dialogue, networking. interchange. channel. show. dialogue
Other relevant words:
converse, diatribe, valedictory, Prelection, spiel, manner of speaking, harangue, homily, lecture, parlance, langue, appeal, dissertation, bombast, discourse, interchange, dialogue, words, language, verbalization, jaw, oratory, confabulation, conversation, rhetoric, colloquy, voice communication, exhortation, invocation, delivery, networking, spoken communication, actor's line, commentary, monologue, presentation, palaver, opus, tirade, stump, disquisition, channel, salutation, confab, creole, sermon, communication, panegyric, speech communication, talking to, paper, spoken language, declamation, eulogy.

Usage examples for speech

  1. It was a pretty, old- world speech – Superwomen by Albert Payson Terhune
  2. It was Speech day at Harton. – Julian Home by Dean Frederic W. Farrar
  3. By heavens, 'twas not a madman's speech – Fiesco or, The Genoese Conspiracy A Tragedy by Frederich Schiller