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throw - 638 results
Other synonyms:

vex, spring a surprise, make up, bestride, puddle, alternate, thumb, down, tack, maintain, affect, enterprise, jab, dizzy, boxer, flutter, quit, exercise, apoplexy, allude to, sustain, send, change over, range, nail, ca-ca, pass water, vagabond, experience, cam stroke, externalize, deem, bring up against, floor, equestrian, dive, dispose, sick, cat, trick, reach, radiate, bear, ramble, despatch, consume, pour forth, cast aside, flim-flam, swing, riffle, cast down, puzzle, accommodate, play tricks, give someone/something the once-over, dart, strike down, impart, bout, neglect, let go, obscure, defy, obtain, confound, take a crap, turn off, stool, overlook, view as, stagger, keep, switch, defend, box, bridle, arrive at, turn over, roll over, design, flutter, jut, hit, drop, send away, create, give birth, start, concur, mystify, thrust aside, halt, let, regurgitate, reserve, hand, direct, touch on, escape from, progress to, produce, kick in, attain, return, actuate, drop off, protrude, devote, slough, institutionalize, blast, stray, fancy, shoulder, declare, couch, swop, nominate, puke, spue, fortuity, check out, tramp, pull in, hold someone for ransom, bedding, accident, propose, twitch, push up, gain, flip out, realise, concord, founder, book, shy, moult, retch, piddle, swap, discard, do, roll, set down, switch over, go down, bantamweight, build, give up, consecrate, shock, redact, eject, expend, cave in, count out, exert, give away, ready, go out, put, realize, lose, shed, deteriorate, corner, frame, surprise, nonplus, jut out, note, slap, confuse, flatten, mix up, arm-wrestling, imprison, devise, adjudge, jar, name, crucify, have, pee, hold up, flier, transmit, cower, speculation, throw away, shit, swan, bemuse, pose, throttle, move over, jail, delegate, canter, interchange, pay, sacrifice, feed, check, regorge, construct, take a leak, harbor, rag, knowledge, see, piss, agree, trade, roam, delivery, stun, take hold, glance, lock away, peep, rise, externalise, change, feature, omit, flip-flop, stupefy, venture, generate, befuddle, toss out, stroke, tell of, send packing, make water, crook, wield, clap, prepare, fall in, ease up, solidus, hold, put off, strain, drink, possess, visualise, fix, wander, support, sneak a look/glance etc. at, get, invent, yield, fuddle, flurry, ingest, birth, bedspread, nurse, muddle, bomb out of, flash, leave, steal a glance/look, micturate, make believe, establish, constitute, bedevil, burden, bareback, drift, gift, put away, cast, irradiate, detain, pierce, balance, render, obligate, glare, control, prevail, wee-wee, feelings, groom, rove, shake, disconcert, stick, knock off, elbow, stuff, discombobulate, activate, slash, adventure, pass on, level, take a shit, counterpane, catch the light, seduce, keep back, torment, give, refer to, walk out on, dedicate, comforter, give way, exchange, chance, molt, work, bring down, talk in terms of something, devolve, shake off, flier, restrain, plan, cause, shake up, retrieve, mould, send off, entertain, moderate, catch, discharge, project, incarcerate, disgorge, put out, ground, flummox, spend a penny, take for, hold back, stump, bare-knuckle, overleap, accept, plunk, double over, dun, mention, mold, bewilder, perplex, obnubilate, cast out, defecate, light, aim, virgule, suffer, chance event, shift, prostrate, present, contain, crapshoot, cross, drop down, go for, bolster, pee-pee, venture, flash mob, collapse, open, make, addle, chip in, have got, unload, cast away, glow, throw up, envision, plop, speculation, dribble, stroking, peek, pull a fast one on, drip, contrive, lance, cut down, excogitate, break, gleam, fob, figure, play a joke on, blaze, beat, astonish, vomit up, confine, spend, hurl, appease, fell, concede, commit, lay down, pretend, crank, point, chuck out, bedlinen, stick out, arrest, dangle, boxing, bow, deck, run out on, inhibit, desert, purge, plague, pretermit, bend, harbour, bind, sink, cook, take, carry, come up, throw out, back down, blanket, upchuck, be sick, pass, relieve oneself, chance, crap, vomit, honk, give in, forward, squeeze, jumble, abandon, grant, afford, take one look at, astound, spew, flip, spill, sky, cast-off, forge, overwhelm, score, dismiss, backhand, dump, blur, crapshoot, formulate, play a trick on, separatrix, flip over, receive, earn, amaze, sparkle, draw, own, ball, clear, guard, bring in, burrow, raise, let down, withstand, shine, gravel, visualize, gallop, adventure, disadvantage, flare, count against, dismount, knock down, toss away, image, wee, intern, pin, bedclothes, enterprise, canopy, baffle, exuviate, afghan, degenerate, oblige, barf, embarrass, defeat, emit, get to, break in, diagonal, deliver, put down, depute, apply, contribute, crouch, dumbfound, invoke, submit, coax, admit, ply, hold in, take in, surrender, lunge, miss, engage, frustrate, leave out, booze, forsake, trip, cerebrovascular accident, crane, picture, retain, shot, urinate, form, riff, throw-off, fox, leaf, chip, curb, dash.

Examples of usage:

We will throw them into the water- throw them from you. - "Timar's Two Worlds", Mór Jókai.

So I didn't want to throw him over. - "The Golden Silence", C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson.

" Then I must throw something at Chetwode's head when I see him," thought Felicity. - "The Twelfth Hour", Ada Leverson.

Similar words:

throng, throne, snow thrower, spear thrower, sore throat, septic sore throat, seventy-three, sixty-three, thirty-three, the three weird sisters.

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