Synonyms for Throw:


dump, plop, let go, dash, slap, plunk, elbow, catch, clap, shy. coax, engage, actuate, crank, eject, start, retrieve, flash, activate. direct, aim, point, turn off. nail, shock, raise, pin, cast down, stun, overwhelm, flash mob, astonish, defeat, spring a surprise, surprise, shake up, astound, stagger. bomb out of, submit, back down, appease, check out, give up, go down, give in, roll over, lose, concede, go out, surrender, give away. box, boxing, bare-knuckle, boxer, bantamweight, count out, bout, arm-wrestling. corner, backhand, blast, chip, prostrate, cross, down, knock-down, deck, delivery, level, bring down, ball, dive, floor, rise, ground. muddle, dizzy, balance, addle, bend, cower, crane, burrow, crouch, crook, bestride, feelings, double over, bow. knowledge, touch on, stump, allude to, talk in terms of something, tell of, affect, refer to, come up, mention, invoke, note. intern, wield, jail, exercise, institutionalize, ply, incarcerate, hold someone for ransom, imprison, lock away, detain, exert, put out. dismount, groom, gallop, canter, break in, irradiate, equestrian, bareback, bridle, radiate. gleam, shine, light, glare, catch the light, sparkle, glow, blaze, flare, trip. embarrass, plague, let down, inhibit, desert, throttle, forsake, count against, abandon, disadvantage, run out on, walk out on, bring up against, burden, quit. jar, thrust aside, jab, strain, shoulder. peep, glance, peek, steal a glance/look, take one look at, give someone/something the once-over, sneak a look/glance etc. at. bedclothes (noun)
bedspread, canopy, bolster, bedding, bedlinen, comforter, blanket, afghan, bedclothes, counterpane.
throw (noun)
confuse, shake off, confound, fox, shed, fuddle, give, cam stroke, project, bedevil, hurl, switch, throw off, drop, bemuse, cast off, hold, cast, throw away, discombobulate, bewilder, make, befuddle, contrive, have.


communication (verb)
confuse (verb)
befuddle, addle, astonish, dizzy, throw off, bewilder, confound.
contact (verb)
motivate (verb)
induce, urge, inspire, poke, ferment, knock, jostle, motivate, force, hasten, move, energize, prompt, entice, trigger, instigate, nudge, foment, shoot, jerk, magnetize, encourage, bump, hurtle, jog, provoke, punch, jolt, stimulate, strike.
propel (verb)
fire, shunt, hurl, chuck, catapult, compel, precipitate, fling, drive, shove, thrust, heave, flick, project, sling, push, pitch, butt, pelt, propel, lob, toss, cast, launch, goad, ram, prod, cant, impel, bowl, bunt.
propel something through the air (verb)
flick, sling, hurl, dash, chuck, drive, pelt, floor, fire, shy, thrust, heave, fling, precipitate, start, push, overwhelm, cant, lob, project, let go, toss, catapult, launch, force, shove, pitch, cast, impel, bunt, butt.

Other synonyms:

clap, slap, addle, plunk, plop. glance, exert, irradiate, peek. dump, deck, direct, radiate, wield, floor, prostrate. dash, stump, abandon. down, aim, muddle, point. dizzy, peep. confuse
confound, discombobulate, bewilder.
send off
throw off.
Other relevant words:
deck, overwhelm, wield, let go, ply, astound, level, fuddle, down, turn off, surprise, fox, comforter, abandon, confound, blast, lose, dizzy, shock, give up, shake up, bemuse, slap, exercise, muddle, irradiate, direct, detain, ground, switch, drop, shy, forsake, shake off, cast down, quit, shine, strain, befuddle, clap, plop, jar, plunk, bedevil, stagger, radiate, bring down, have, trip, confuse, stump, stun, eject, bewilder, give, afghan, prostrate, desert, throw away, put out, dump, walk out on, counterpane, blanket, affect, exert, make, bend, shed, dash, floor, addle, astonish, embarrass, discombobulate, cam stroke, start, contrive, bedspread.

Usage examples for throw

  1. We will throw them into the water- throw them from you. – Timar's Two Worlds by Mór Jókai
  2. So I didn't want to throw him over. – The Golden Silence by C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson