Synonyms for Architecture:


acoustics, archeology, agronomy, aesthetics, applied linguistics, Anthropology, agriculture, ancient history, archaeology. applet, computer program, browser, assembler, bootstrap program, add-on, bot, client, compiler. architectural, landscape architecture, elevation, blueprint, feng shui, lay out, civil engineering, engineering, ground plan. architecture (noun)
computer architecture.
construction (noun)
decorated, greek, alexandrian, bauhaus, setback, empire, modernistic, chinese, japanese, federal, lancet, planning, skyscraper, corinthian, shipbuilding, baroque, doric, design, egyptian, etruscan, flamboyant, Frank Lloyd Wright, victorian, cape cod, house-building, English Classic, georgian, architectonics, bridge-building, malayan, Ecclesiology, byzantine, functional, Le Corbusier, Mies Van Der rohe, moresque, hindu, factory, Saracenic, wren, colonial.
design, structure of something (noun)
constitution, composition, framework.
design of buildings (noun)
building, architectonics, engineering, planning, construction.
structure (noun)
composition, construction, skeleton, constitution, arrangement, frame, edifice, anatomy, structure, makeup, fabric, shape, building, framework.

Other synonyms:

architectural, browser, feng shui, archaeology, bootstrap program, bot, ancient history, Anthropology, applet, computer program, applied linguistics, compiler, civil engineering, assembler, landscape architecture, ground plan, client. blueprint, acoustics, design, engineering. lay out, elevation, add-on. Other relevant words:
baroque, planning, skyscraper, applet, design, architectural, computer architecture, engineering, landscape architecture, blueprint, elevation, compiler, byzantine, greek, architectonics, egyptian, bot, assembler.