Synonyms for Grade:


climb, ramp, demerit, upgrade, height, tangent, full marks, ascent, inclination, declivity, F, D, distinction, hill, gradient, B, pitch, acclivity, GPA, C, downgrade, elevation. characterize, causeway, dam, fill. gauge, baseline, standard, rating, quality assurance. hybrid, echelon, mongrel, mixture, ranking. flunk, pass, peg, mark down, big, promote, fail, rung. spring break, long vacation, summer holiday, open house, midterm break, midterm, start back, be, half-term, semester. bracket, league. rake, rise, tip, lean, straight, incline, tilt, cant, heel, list. categorization (noun)
category (noun)
genotype, designation, denomination, persuasion, species, kind, series, feather, strain, breed, clan, category, label, brand, caste, phylum, taxonomy, variety, grain, genus, stock, style, make, line, mold, stripe, ilk, classification, stamp, Family, kingdom, race, people.
degree (noun)
intensity, step, measure, level, scale, magnitude, range, quality, degree, amplitude, extent, notch, caliber, potential.
grade (noun)
improved, form, order, class, mark, tier, place, level, score, rank, surface, range, ground level, grad, rate, degree.
group (noun)
class, form.
incline, slope (noun)
descent, cant, acclivity, hill, tangent, gradient, declivity, inclination, climb, elevation, rise, downgrade, lean, pitch, ascent, plane, tilt, ramp, upgrade, height.
ramp (noun)
rank (noun)
position, term, standing, state, mark, stage, footing, status, station.
rank, step (noun)
mark, league, brand, group, rung, caliber, notch, degree, category, level, class, tier, stage, standard, order, position, station, form, pigeonhole, classification, quality, place, echelon.
rung (noun)
social class (noun)
social status (noun)
unit of measurement (noun)
win (noun)
prosper, succeed, achieve.


cognition (verb)
place, range, score, mark, rank, rate, order.
evaluate, rank (verb)
classify, arrange, rate, range, sort.
flatten (verb)
even, flatten, squish, compress, plane, smooth, deflate.
layer (verb)
laminate, layer, coat.
order (verb)
form, place, integrate, sort, design, mediate, type, subordinate, unsnarl, establish, organize, rationalize, compose, cast, group, order, schedule, program, stratify, scheme, sift, orchestrate, maintain, set, marshal, balance, screen, regulate, collate, systematize, fix, Methodize, adjust, control, rank, normalize, frame, devise, support, prepare, rate, unify, settle, pigeonhole, arrange, stabilize, separate, harmonize, array, classify, plan, chart, right, structure, shape, score, categorize, class, schematize, plot.
rank (verb)
place, mark, rank, position, scale.

Other synonyms:

half-term, summer holiday, semester, spring break, dam, midterm, characterize, midterm break, long vacation. echelon, flunk, rung, bracket, peg, ranking, climb. cant. open house, start back, mark down. league, lean. fail, promote. pass. angle
ramp, upgrade.
incline, pitch.
Other relevant words:
elevation, standard, prosper, flunk, climb, fail, grad, dam, gradient, bracket, ramp, characterize, inclination, rise, acclivity, GPA, straight, succeed, cant, promote, improved, list, incline, height, mixture, heel, B, declivity, F, distinction, echelon, gauge, mongrel, causeway, rung, big, pitch, league, tier, peg, be, semester, lean, C, rating, tangent, downgrade, rake, surface, hill, ground level, D, midterm, upgrade, tip, pass, ascent, achieve, hybrid, baseline, fill, demerit, tilt, ranking.

Usage examples for grade

  1. When from four to eight weeks old, feed three parts wheat- bran; one part corn- meal; one part low- grade flour; five per cent. – Natural and Artificial Duck Culture by James Rankin
  2. " Now I cannot believe," he said to the sixth grade clasping his plump hands over the visible result of many good dinners, " that any one of you nice boys and girls came here this morning hungry. – Calvary Alley by Alice Hegan Rice
  3. " Even though I am a grade ahead of you," he added. – Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue in the Big Woods by Laura Lee Hope