Synonyms for Place:


board, ARR, book on, booking, aisle seat, aboard, bookable, afloat, Booking office, bus. belong to, entrance, profession, occupation, job, accept, DUES, trade, admit, From, admission, go over to, inaugurate, co-opt. conquest, feat, square, realization, park, accomplishment, a feather in your cap, summit, attainment, yard, achievement, the fruit/fruits of something, handiwork, court. buy up, invest in, surrender to, purchase, move over for, acquire, import, buy, yield, snap up. conceptualize, come up with, draw a conclusion/an inference, judge, hit on, appraise, infer, conceive, sum up, measure. bungalow, apartment building, cabin, dig, boarding house, chalet, bunkhouse, lodging, adobe, apartment, chateau, residence, protection. hype, pitch, bill as, locale, plug, advertise, launch, endorse, market, mail out. clock, the blocks, dash, substitute, dead heat, false start, baton, drop back, ahead. bundle off, parachute, farm out, pack off, relocate, niche, dispatch, route. bet, toss, put money on something, gig, break the bank, appointment, gamble, back, slot, see. pile. setting, whereabouts. embarrass, throttle, count against, inhibit, bring up against, burden, hold back, disadvantage, plague, let down. call up, draft, captaincy, commissioner, bench, draft in, captain. china, earthenware, dishes, cruet, crocks, bone china, crockery, canteen, dinner service, cutlery. instant, split second, minute, second, moment, short-term, bout, sec, a bit. hand over, put on, lumber, drop/dump something in someone's lap, land with, shift, impose, saddle with. cure, restrict, keep down, contain, confine, curb. differentiate, tell/see the difference, dissociate, check against, juxtapose, set against, contrast, link, compare. relive, stick in your mind/memory, remember, be stamped on your memory/mind, think back, do something from memory, recollect, bring/call someone/something to mind, recall. mop up, notch up, be placed first/second etc., triumph, romp ahead, clinch, sweep, conquer, wrap up, win. duty, role (noun)
importance (noun)
eminence, predominance, gravity, weight, significance, importance, emphasis, stress.
locality (noun)
quarters, residence, suburb, community, section.
location (noun)
posting, whereabouts, property, spot, scene, topographic point, locus, situation, emplacement.
location with purpose, function (noun)
field, property, locale, point, plant, berth, apartment, station, city, reservation, quarter, home, habitat, suburb, spot, whereabouts, lay, site, room, zone, residence, region, locus, section, niche, compass, seat, district, stead, country, locality, situation, volume, town, position, area, community, accommodation, neighborhood.
position, rank (noun)
standing, status, state, grade, footing, slot.
precedence (noun)
antecedence, precedence, earliness, priority, precession, position, anticipation, primacy.
quarter (noun)
rank (noun)
degree, standing, range, term, status, scale, footing, step.
region (noun)
country, lot, domain, kingdom, field, borough, bailiwick, sector, canton, neighborhood, municipality, district, county, state, riding, tract, division, realm, precinct, zone, parcel, nation, dukedom, quarter, empire, city, province, commonweal, shire, colony, duchy, region, town, territory, locality, beat, circuit, area, earldom.
room (noun)
social status (noun)
space (noun)
compass, void, reservation, room, accommodation, volume, extent.
title (noun)
crest, honor, coronet, decoration, reverence, grace, shield, bestowal, role, colors, title, highness, chevron, garland, seniority, crown.


attribute (verb)
accredit, attach, credit, cast, assign, attribute, mark, cite, set, apply, brand, connect, refer, ascribe, acknowledge, blame, impute.
identify, recognize (verb)
pinpoint, remember.
install (verb)
implant, ensconce, initiate, locate, graft, insert, Instate, plant, build in, embed, install, root, put.
locate (verb)
find, situate, pinpoint, post, discover, unearth, lay.
locate, situate (verb)
fix, stand, install, set, park, settle, establish, put, assign.
order (verb)
normalize, sort, classify, right, unify, order, mediate, frame, scheme, regulate, screen, pigeonhole, collate, arrange, integrate, categorize, devise, stratify, prepare, program, support, unsnarl, plot, schematize, fix, systematize, type, subordinate, rate, chart, sift, establish, design, harmonize, balance, shape, schedule, stabilize, organize, score, array, settle, separate, compose, rationalize, control, marshal, maintain, group, Methodize, class, form, orchestrate, plan, structure, grade, adjust, rank.
order, sort (verb)
group, rank, judge, class, arrange, classify.
rank (verb)
mark, position, scale, grade, rank.
situate (verb)

Other synonyms:

gig, endorse, job, market, gamble, juxtapose, invest in, park, advertise, buy up, mail out, bill as, snap up. hype, setting, yard, locale, slot, acquire, import, bet, purchase, niche. reservation, residence, toss, buy, room. lodging, plug, occupation. appointment, court. extent, pitch. pile. put on. back. install
build in.
Other relevant words:
identify, plaza, court, invest, room, locale, square, appointment, seat, bout, stead, piazza, berth, lieu, space, inaugurate.

Usage examples for place

  1. They have come to the right place – The Ball and The Cross by G.K. Chesterton
  2. Why don't you take a smaller place – The Shrieking Pit by Arthur J. Rees