Synonyms for Circle:


wheel, hoop, belt, revolution, police, stadium, bowl, meridian, collar, crown, disk, horizon, periphery, vortex, bracelet, commission, panel, flash mob, ball, zodiac, Support Group, wreath, organization, equator, globe, perimeter, flash mobbing, orb, sphere. course, array, crush, constellation, series, range, succession, busload, progress, continuation, age group, sequence. twirl, rotate, swing, swirl, gathering, revolve, spin, whirl. return, go through a series, coil, bubble, come back, cone, bulge, revert, come around, balloon. hem in, contain, geometry, engulf, gyre, envelop, kettle. repetition, imprint, mark out, outline, carve, engrave, mark, streak. terrain, bag, procession, territory, chain, semicircle, world, scale, formation, department, row, scene, parade, subject. academy (noun)
act (noun)
circuit, lap.
arena (noun)
region, gallery, colosseum, hall, stage, turf, battle-ground, domain, arena, circuit, province, campus, circus, realm, theater, setting, bailiwick, battlefield, auditorium, enclosure, precinct, amphitheater, area, courtyard, pen, gymnasium, room, field, dominion, hippodrome, beat, locale, ground.
artifact (noun)
circle (noun)
roundabout, surround, dress circle, circulate, encircle, rotary, lot, circuit, band, environ, set, ring, lap, traffic circle, round.
crew (noun)
group, battalion, wing, company, cell, school, host, hive, outfit, bevy, coalition, gang, party, detail, colony, mob, fellowship, assembly, division, team, assemblage, collection, society, club, tribe, coterie, phalanx, force, detachment, squad, bunch, body, set, retinue, union, caucus, posse, regiment, troupe, herd, crew, band, flock, pack, brigade, platoon, nest, covey, crowd, complement, cabal, staff, ring, faction, cadre, sect, league, army, litter, string, fleet, drove, fraternity, clan, aggregation, junta, troop, clique.
curve (noun)
parabola, meniscus, curvature, arch, horseshoe, bow, crook, crescent, spiral, sinus, curve.
group of close friends, associates (noun)
crush, society, crew, clique, fraternity, assembly, gang, company, coterie, outfit, set, crowd, school, club, lot, mob, cabal, posse, bunch, party, clan.
orb, loop, round figure (noun)
round, circumference, circuit, halo, circus, lap, perimeter, horizon, orbit, periphery, equator, coil, hoop, meridian, stadium, zodiac, disk, globe, band, enclosure, wreath, revolution, crown, vortex, wheel, belt, compass, bracelet, ring, sphere, bowl, amphitheater.
round (noun)
roundabout (noun)
orbit, loop, compass, annulus, hemisphere, areola, circumference, circularity, circuitousness, roundabout, halo.
school (noun)
social organization (noun)
traffic circle (noun)
traffic circle.


encircle (verb)
encircle, enclose, surround, encompass, gird, wreathe.
go around, circumnavigate (verb)
rotate, surround, enclose, encircle, encompass, loop, gyre, curve, circulate, envelop, spiral, hem in, gird, whirl, revolve.

Other synonyms:

semicircle, age group, globe, coil, gyre, engrave, sphere. revolve, procession, bubble, bowl, twirl, whirl, mark out, crush, carve. swirl, wreath, gathering, bulge, revolution, rotate, cone, terrain, organization, bag. formation, balloon, department, row, array. outline, wheel. streak, scene, spin, territory, imprint. ball. swing. world. parade, scale. chain. mark. bend
ring, wreathe.
Other relevant words:
subject, whirl, twirl, terrain, scene, collar, lot, sphere, envelop, meridian, swing, coil, periphery, traffic circle, bulge, organization, crush, wheel, streak, revolution, rotary, hem in, equator, circulate, scale, department, row, perimeter, series, globe, gyre, progress, wreath, continuation, engrave, disk, rotate, vortex, crown, semicircle, course, orb, hoop, dress circle, gathering, world, mark, range, bag, spin, bracelet, territory, succession, round, sequence, lap, ball, return, chain, bowl, formation, belt, revolve, stadium, come around, environ, horizon, swirl, zodiac.

Usage examples for circle

  1. I didn't tell her, and I am pretty sure if she had found it out for herself her family circle would have heard of it. – A Terrible Secret by May Agnes Fleming
  2. I can answer for every one of us in saying that we never repeated a word outside of our own intimate circle – Marjorie Dean, College Sophomore by Pauline Lester
  3. The circle of little boys instantly parted. – Maggie: A Girl of the Streets by Stephen Crane