Synonyms for Plan:


preparation, rough draft, agreement, map, projection, view, arrangements, planning, tactic. start out, conspiracy, plan on, treatment, stratagem, itinerary, envisage, game plan, tactics, undertaking, have big ideas/plans, schema, be going to do something. feng shui, elevation, lay out, architecture, civil engineering, architectural, layout, landscape architecture, planned, engineering. orderliness, Systemization, choreograph, convene, organization, stage, systematization, hold, set up. cross-section, block graph, bell curve, bar graph, curve, axis. personalise, reengineer, streamline, individualize, personalize, engineer. arrangement (noun)
layout, disposition.
cognition (noun)
programme, program.
course of action (noun)
drawing (noun)
landscape, rendering, illustration, diagram, masterpiece, picture, Water color, charcoal, cartoon, doodle, scene, pastel, portrait, depiction, tracing, sketch, drawing, still life, painting.
idea (noun)
inspiration, observation, inkling, brainstorm, principle, ideation, concept, perception, vision, opinion, theory, reflection, image, notion.
intention (noun)
approach, forecast, scenario, ambition, agenda, intention, wish, choice, policy, goal, prospectus, object, procedure, strategy, idea, aim, proposal, expectation, will, endeavor, forethought.
map (noun)
method (noun)
orderliness, Systemization, systematization.
outline (noun)
configuration, skeleton, circumference, profile, girth, delineation, contour, silhouette, limit, periphery, representation, border, rough draft, framework, wire frame, outline, perimeter.
plan (noun)
contrivance, program, contrive, architectural plan, premeditation, project, proposition, blueprint, design, invention, coordination, be after, programme, conception, anticipation, arrangement.
predetermination (noun)
predetermination, foregone conclusion.
preparation (noun)
thought (noun)
written description; diagram (noun)
drawing, illustration, draft, agenda, representation, chart, blueprint, prospectus, rough draft, map, view, sketch, delineation, form.


calculate (verb)
infer, approximate, sum, compute, gauge, assess, triangulate, presume, enumerate, value, suppose, determine, total, scheme, figure, judge, quantize, systematize, add, schedule, count, estimate, program, study, consider, appraise, score, rationalize, think, weigh, quantify, deduce, evaluate, divide, rate, conclude, calculate, rank, account, plot, measure, guess, reckon, tally, multiply, surmise.
imagine (verb)
contemplate, create, theorize, observe, perceive, reflect, imagine, ideate, fantasize, opine, envision.
intend (verb)
intend, mind, expect, mean, resolve, propose, choose.
intend, mean (verb)
envisage, propose, mind.
order (verb)
compose, support, mediate, adjust, sift, organize, control, prepare, unsnarl, Methodize, marshal, screen, form, pigeonhole, settle, class, schematize, categorize, cast, stratify, balance, structure, set, integrate, array, place, orchestrate, harmonize, collate, unify, frame, grade, design, group, fix, establish, order, shape, sort, arrange, maintain, type, devise, classify, right, stabilize, regulate, chart, normalize, subordinate, separate.
outline (verb)
draft, trace, represent, delineate, draw, circumscribe.
plan (verb)
contrive, premeditate, invent, conceive, coordinate, anticipate.
predetermine (verb)
devise, design, predetermine, premeditate.
think out; prepare in advance (verb)
devise, brainstorm, engineer, frame, trace, contemplate, organize, invent, scheme, calculate, design, shape, arrange, contrive, represent.

Other synonyms:

tactic, convene, dream up, game plan, individualize, preparation, modus operandi, think ahead, finalize, stratagem, map out, orderliness, organization, schema, choreograph, conspiracy, planning, reengineer. agreement, technique, streamline. map, draw up, personalize, tack. stage. course. engineer. set up. hold. arrangement
streamline, normalize.
Other relevant words:
map, view, project, layout, programme, be after.

Usage examples for plan

  1. " Very well, then," said I. " This is my plan – The Log of a Privateersman by Harry Collingwood
  2. I've another plan if you're more than two minutes getting in. – The Cattle-Baron's Daughter by Harold Bindloss
  3. They should carry out some well- thought- out plan – Garden Ornaments by Mary H. Northend