Synonyms for Concoct:


stir in, cook, intermingle, dissolve, mix up, prepare, formulate. lie, deceive, scheme, Misspeak, mislead, devise, create, plan, bend the truth. contrive, come up with, make. concoct (noun)
hatch, think of, dream up, think up, trump up.


combine (verb)
combine, blend, mix, fuse, assemble, compound, brew, infuse, compose, conglomerate, amalgamate, incorporate.
formulate, think up (verb)
brew, prepare, hatch, devise, dream up, create, compound, plan, contrive, scheme.
mix (verb)
stew, decoct, meld, intermix, mingle, merge, mash.

Other synonyms:

devise, Misspeak, mislead. prepare, deceive. contrive. formulate. lie. Other relevant words:
hatch, contrive, formulate, cook, deceive, create, trump up, dream up, intermingle, make, Misspeak, dissolve, plan, come up with, think of, lie, prepare, mislead, scheme, devise, think up.

Usage examples for concoct

  1. This became more likely when Mrs. Winslow recollected that the Misses Grim- Tabitha, Amanda, and Hannah- were the three old maids from whom she had thought she had secured a wealthy old banker to pluck; and though he had proven to her a very ordinary man, somewhat infirm from rheumatism, and a trifle quarrelsome, though eminently virtuous and punctilious, she had never, of course, let them know how badly she had been swindled; and as they yet regarded their lost boarder, Bristol, as a priceless treasure, lost to them through her perfidy, it was no more than natural, Mrs. Winslow thought, that in their chagrin and disappointment they should concoct some diabolical plan to injure her. – The Spiritualists and the Detectives by Allan Pinkerton