Synonyms for Tack:


carbon paper, acetate, business card, card, carbon, blotter, correction fluid, clipboard, blotting paper. siding, digression, deviation, secure, swerve, zigzag, sweep, yaw, tangent, alteration, variation, attach, turn, join. Ahoy, attack, beach, line, bail out, plan, the America's Cup, the Admiral's Cup, boater, modus operandi, approach, berth, procedure, technique, means, canoe, boating, course. take in, twist, let out, mend, pin up, alter, turn up. method, tactic, basis, mode. hurdle, crop, halter, girth, bridle, blinders, fence, horsewhip, harness, bit. butterfly nut, nut, head, dowel, plug. cast off, dock, ground, go about, come about, heave to, founder, hydroplane, heel, capsize. course of movement (noun)
variation, approach, digression, sweep, deviation, tactic, zigzag, yaw, method, switch, alteration, line, tangent, turn, swerve, procedure, plan, siding.
fastener (noun)
stitch, medium, binding, hinge, grapnel, connector, strap, knot, cotter, go-between, seal, knitting, lock, bracket, cement, clamp, binder, braid, mucilage, lace, brace, clip, ligament, spike, suture, cleat, hook, brad, coupling, hasp, twine, Vinculum, fastening, thread, clasp, pin, splice, fastener, fuse, cincture, belt, nail, rivet, stay, chain, vise, agent, skewer, hitch, latch, tie, band, button, link, clinch, middleman, buckle, snap, weld, zipper, string, glue, hawser, catch, closure, anchor, bolt, cinch, staple, guy, rabbet, paste, bonding, bond, mediator.
needle (noun)
spur, hat pin, barb, prong, thumbtack, needle, harpoon, quill, spear, fishhook, spine, pike, lance, awl, gimlet.
short pin for attaching (noun)
nail, thumbtack, brad, staple.
tack (noun)
switch, baste, interchange, piece, tag on, shroud, flip-flop, sheet, stable gear, set up, hang on, saddlery, alternate, assemble, tack on, wear round, append, flip, weather sheet, tack together, put together, mainsheet, tacking.


attach (verb)
stitch, pin, baste, sew, paste, append, tie, fasten.
fasten (verb)
weave, plait, couple, tether, lash, connect, zip, fasten.
sew (verb)
knit, crochet, cross-stitch, seam, buttonhole, baste, sew, bind, quilt, embroider, chain stitch, purl, backstitch.

Other synonyms:

let out, modus operandi. pin up, technique, procedure. alter. plan. take in. course. line. Other relevant words:
line, variation, hang on, mend, swerve, digression, halter, come about, interchange, means, piece, append, deviation, flip-flop, alternate, method, saddlery, tag on, course, put together, wear round, switch, siding, bridle, technique, girth, assemble, turn, modus operandi, tacking, join, mode, tack together, alteration, tactic, attach, sheet, tack on, stable gear, heel, bit, blinders, set up, alter, secure, attack, yaw, sweep, approach, tangent, harness, twist, go about, weather sheet, procedure, flip, zigzag, plan, shroud, mainsheet.

Usage examples for tack

  1. What does a man want to tack a wife on to him when he can always carry her image about?" – The Delectable Duchy by Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
  2. Give him a 'Home, Sweet Home' motto and he'd tack it inside his wardrobe trunk." – Torchy and Vee by Sewell Ford
  3. Now, suppose you're going to tack up the first card- the one on the top of the pile. – Pee-wee Harris by Percy Keese Fitzhugh