Synonyms for Projection:


approximation, calculation, computational, binomial, deviation, algorithm, abacus, decimal place, average, countdown. theory, philosophy, thought, convex, commitment, idea, knob, knot, belief, principle, overhang, concept, faith, ideal. prognostication, prognosis, outlook, canvas, cartoon, daub, doodle, collage, abstract, bas relief, diptych, prediction, caricature, aquatint, foresight, forecast. snout, flap, limb, point, arm. grid reference, chart, boundary, cartography, grid, globe, contour, atlas, coordinate. conditioning, defense mechanism, delusion, defense, fixation, complex, catharsis, fixated, damage, exorcism. wheel out, present, exhibit, hold up, yield up, trot out, produce, display, show. number one, self-critical, self-described, self-styled, self-proclaimed, image, ego, do someone/yourself an injustice, self-deception, self-image. beak (noun)
bulge (noun)
step, protrusion, ridge, rim, convexity.
cast (noun)
expulsion, ejection.
convexity (noun)
protrusion, distension, convexity, extrusion.
forecast (noun)
prognostication, guess, forecast, prediction.
limb (noun)
map (noun)
globe, atlas.
prediction (noun)
prognostication, forecast.
projection (noun)
rim, ridge, project, expulsion, forecast, jut, knob, guess, calculation, step, jutting, protrusion, forcing out, ejection, prognostication, point.

Other synonyms:

prognostication. snout, prognosis, ridge, arm, limb, prediction. knob. flap. outlook. knot. point. protrusion
Other relevant words:
expulsion, jut, forecast, limb, defense mechanism, prognosis, display, overhang, bas relief, cartoon, jutting, globe, project, exhibit, knot, knob, prognostication, show, prediction, guess, arm, chart, calculation, step, ridge, snout, ejection, point, rim, flap, cartography, outlook, forcing out, atlas.

Usage examples for projection

  1. The front projection would throw the front rooms into almost total darkness." – A Mere Accident by George Moore
  2. One column is so placed as to show an inner projection an evident fault of workmanship. – Nooks and Corners of the New England Coast by Samuel Adams Drake