Synonyms for Provision:


conspiracy, strategy, plot, blueprint, tactic, arrangements, agreement. civil rights, act, reserve, claim, bill, emergency, store, Chapter 11, bylaw, Chapter 7, stock, equipment, civil liberties, case law, civil law. priority, feature, terms, basis, element, core, requirement, concern, essence, burning issue/question, staple, prerequisite, key. distribution, allotment, allocation, handover, presentation, release, issue, planned, arrangement. food, victual, nourishment, meat, Esculent, edible, eats, provender, foodstuff, ingestion, fare, bread, chow, nurture, diet, sustenance, pabulum, pap, nutriment, grub, comestible, aliment, nutrition. specification, string, limited. arrangement (noun)
plan, procurement, outline.
communication (noun)
condition (noun)
clause, codicil, post script, caveat, term, article.
food (noun)
aliment, pap, food, foodstuff.
provision (noun)
proviso, purvey, supplying, preparation, supply, planning.
qualification (noun)
limitation, condition, mitigation, qualification, allowance, catch, proviso, reservation, exception, stipulation, modification.
requirement (noun)
supplies, supplying (noun)
plan, emergency, arrangement, preparation, store, supplying, procurement, stock, outline.
supply (noun)
deployment, donation, replenishment, dispensation, grant, board, delivery, endowment, supply, contribution.


possession (verb)

Other synonyms:

foodstuff, victual, handover, pap, requirement, provender, chow, aliment. food, nourishment, nutrition, meat, nutriment, allotment, eats, nurture, pabulum, distribution. bread, presentation, diet, equipment. specification, string. issue, release. fare. arrangement. supply
Other relevant words:
fare, supplying, sustenance, presentation, agreement, food, meat, terms, preparation, victual, plan, bread, allotment, grub, outline, stock, requirement, distribution, specification, chow, nourishment, provender, prerequisite, pabulum, aliment, store, diet, procurement, comestible, emergency, nutrition, string, foodstuff, nurture, pap, nutriment, eats, Esculent, equipment, arrangement, edible, purvey, planning, handover.

Usage examples for provision

  1. For a moment he felt as he had felt when he left the provision store in Montrose. – Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories, 1902 to 1903 by Lucy Maud Montgomery