Synonyms for Disorganize:


disarray, throw into confusion, destroy, turn topsy-turvy, stampede, deprive of organization, disperse, demobilize, break up, litter, throw into disorder, overthrow, mess up, disband, shuffle, unsettle, break down, embroil, disrupt, overturn, complicate. disorganize (noun)


derange (verb)
roil, blur, derange, mix up, jumble, upset, tousle, tamper, ripple, dishevel, confuse, dislocate, discompose, ferment, swirl, muss, whisk, disturb, scatter, churn, hash, agitate, rumple, muddle, mess, mislay, scramble, disorder, convulse, tumble, ruffle, rummage, displace, misplace, botch, toss, perturb, clutter, confound, disarrange, meddle, trouble, capsize, roughen, whip.
disorder (verb)
disarrange, disorder, clutter, scatter, confuse.
disrupt arrangement; make shambles of (verb)
complicate, disorder, shuffle, break down, disband, destroy, scramble, disarray, disperse, turn topsy-turvy, embroil, dishevel, disturb, break up, discompose, mislay, dislocate, confound, litter, upset, misplace, demobilize, unsettle, mess up, clutter, disarrange, confuse, derange, jumble, toss, scatter, muddle, perturb.
scatter (verb)

Other synonyms:

unsettle. disrupt. confuse
mix up.
break down.
Other relevant words:
destroy, throw into confusion, throw into disorder, turn topsy-turvy, disarray, shuffle, stampede, unsettle, disband, overturn, disrupt, disperse, demobilize, complicate, litter, disorganise, overthrow, break down, embroil.