Synonyms for Multiplication:


spurt, explosion, surge, leap. jump, escalation, proliferation, rise, upsurge, hike, upswing, buildup, raise, swell, amplification, boost, aggrandizement, correction, costing, upturn, augment. accretion, development. reproduction, breeding, Spawning, procreation. act (noun)
generation, propagation.
calculation (noun)
deduction, inference, account, computation, conclusion, thought, sum, evaluation, mathematics, calculus, plot, algorithm, approximation, supposition, enumeration, appraisal, consideration, score, program, division, method, triangulation, judgement, reckoning, presumption, total, determination, guess, scheme, valuation, assessment, calculation, value, count, arithmetic, estimation, tally, rank, plan, gauge, algebra, study, quantification, measurement, system, schedule, statistics.
duplication (noun)
compounding, recurrence, Manifolding, repeating, procreation, reduplification, amplification, augmenting, augmentation, reproduction, increase, repetition, reduplication, reproducing, addition.
increase (noun)
enlargement, extension, elevation, inflation, augmentation, increase, expansion, magnification, increment, growth, accrual.
mathematics (noun)
algebra, calculus.
multiplication (noun)
times, generation, propagation.
reproduction (noun)

Other synonyms:

reproduction, aggrandizement, Spawning, breeding. amplification, procreation, escalation, accretion, upturn, rise, proliferation, upswing. buildup. development.

Usage examples for multiplication

  1. I learned it after a time, as I did the multiplication table. – At the Mercy of Tiberius by August Evans Wilson
  2. Spencer's most important conclusion in regard to the Laws of Multiplication is referred to under the heading Population. – Herbert Spencer by J. Arthur Thomson
  3. Then won't you come in and show me the multiplication table now, Preston? – Melbourne House by Elizabeth Wetherell