Synonyms for Thought:


judging, commitment, rumination, argumentation, seeing, twist, ratiocination, viewpoint, brainwork, Perceiving, acumen, rationalization, wrinkle, concluding, knowing, intuition, insight, Realizing, discerning, cognition. reputation, outlook, custom, self-assessment, principles, attitude, stand, stance, spirit. introspection, soul-searching, heed, solicitude, focus, thoughtfulness, forethought. ground, ism, frame of reference, ideology, culture, the spirit of the times/age, excogitation. Beheld, bent, Begot, Bought, blest, babysat, breastfed, Bled, bound, Besought. apprehension (noun)
intellect, comprehension, idea, intelligence, perception.
attention (noun)
engrossment, thoughtfulness, absorption, mind.
belief (noun)
belief, certitude, dogma, trust, faith, view, conviction, postulate, opinion, tenet, philosophy, idea, creed, credence, doctrine, principle.
care (noun)
forethought, concentration.
excogitation (noun)
idea (noun)
image, inspiration, perception, brainstorm, observation, vision, concept, notion, conception, inkling, theory, ideation, design.
idea, concept (noun)
intellect (noun)
intelligence, brain, intellect, rationality, capacity, understanding, brain-power, mind, comprehension, mentality.
intelligence (noun)
intention (noun)
reason (noun)
logic, conceptualization, induction, reason, synthesis.


calculated (verb)
Approximated, Summed, Triangulated, Surmised, supposed, ranked, Reckoned, quantized, considered, Rated, measured, determined, Weighed, multiplied, planned, Schemed, figured, Tallied, Gauged, scheduled, Scored, Judged, Assessed, totaled, Accounted, programmed, added, evaluated, calculated, Deduced, Appraised, studied, Guessed, Computed, divided, systematized, quantified, rationalized, valued, Enumerated, concluded, presumed, Counted, Inferred, plotted, estimated.
imagined (verb)
perceived, conceived, observed, Created, designed, brainstormed, fantasized, Theorized, invented, Opined.
reasoned (verb)
Cogitated, synthesized, analyzed, reasoned, conceptualized, Inducted.
think (verb)
surmise, vision, reason.
thought (verb)
Debated, cerebrated, Mused, imagined, Deliberated, envisioned, Contemplated, Speculated, daydreamed, reflected, Brooded, Meditated, Pondered, concentrated.

Other synonyms:

commitment, hypothesis, forethought, rumination, soul-searching, brainwork, excogitation, assumption, reverie, care, premise. abstraction. focus. perception

Usage examples for thought

  1. I never thought but what he knew." – Blindfolded by Earle Ashley Walcott
  2. Only, now you are here, I thought I would ask you. – A Red Wallflower by Susan Warner
  3. " I don't think I've ever thought of it like that," he said. – Dawn of All by Robert Hugh Benson