Synonyms for Raise:


cash in, collect, recover, claim back, earn, monetize, appropriate. double, uphold, take up, go through the roof, Uprear, pick up, add to. throw up, horizontal. add up, count, construct, build, determine, reckon, assess, compute, estimate, calculate, project. angle, spin, turn something inside out, roll, jack, adjust, up, tip-up, tilt, jump. living, pay, income, minimum wage, earnings, starvation wages, wage, salary, performance-related pay. care for, have, breed, cultivate, affect, reproduction, inspire, ignite, propagate. cash crop, crop rotation, arable, crop circle, cultivated, corn, crop, combine. pose, sit-up, regain your feet, get/leap/rise/stagger etc. to your feet, straighten up, ask. introduce, moot, put forth, start, knock up, broach. soar, ascend. touch on, tell of, talk in terms of something, refer to, allude to, note. enrich, improve, revitalize, improve on, optimization, remedy, correct. cut, shuffle, call, see, pass, draw, lead, deal. custody, rein, the empty nest, potty-train, hothouse, custodial. keel over, wreck, founder, shipwrecked, shipwreck, scupper, scuttle, salvage. accession (noun)
act (noun)
lift, heave.
attribute (noun)
hike, wage hike, wage increase, salary increase, rise.
increase (noun)
addition, promotion, salary increment, optimization, boost.
raise (noun)
acclivity, promotion, addition, arouse, rise, hike, jump, enhance, provoke, erect, boost, recruit, resurrect, ascent, fire, wage increase, heighten, rear, grow, enkindle, evoke, lift, invoke, conjure, produce, bring up, kindle, elicit, salary increase, set up, call forth, promote, upgrade, wage hike, put forward, kick upstairs, farm, upraise, conjure up, parent, increment, stir, levy, call down, climb, heave, advance, elevate, nurture.


advance (verb)
improve, upgrade, multiply.
elevate (verb)
escalate, lift, upraise, levitate, exalt, erect, uplift, rise, rear, hoist.
heighten (verb)
increase (verb)
expand, augment, reinforce, upgrade, burgeon, advance, enlarge, grow, accrue, fatten, heighten, lengthen, magnify, maximize, inflate, increment, widen, increase, add, extend, multiply, broaden, amplify, elevate, boost.
raise (verb)
collect, elevate, cultivate, arouse, promote, uplift, provoke, up, enlarge, moot, resurrect, throw up, rear, bring up, Uprear, levy, hoist, heave, heighten, propagate, lift, exalt, magnify, inflate, evoke, set up, enhance, take up, produce, amplify, breed, put forward, escalate, grow, recruit, reinforce, pick up, upraise, broach, construct, kindle, erect.

Other synonyms:

custody, the empty nest, straighten up, add to, improve, soar, Uprear, build, promotion, knock up, shipwrecked, touch on. custodial, scupper, tell of, shipwreck, moot, addition. care for, sit-up, scuttle, ascend, collect, rein, uphold, broach, hothouse, double, propagate, shuffle. construct, pick up, take up, up, throw up. ask, cultivate, breed. deal, wreck, pose. jack. note, introduce. jump, draw. see. lead. pass. cut. call. bring up
introduce, touch on, allude to, put forward, moot.
upgrade, recover.
lift up
Other relevant words:
build, enhance, levy, recruit, evoke, put forth, construct, conjure up, conjure, promotion, hike, collect, invoke, promote, up, elevate, arouse, set up, bring up.

Usage examples for raise

  1. Having said this he did not dare raise his face again, and he said nothing more. – The White Knight: Tirant lo Blanc by Joanot Martorell and Marti Johan d'Galba
  2. I'll raise the house on you! – Gunman's Reckoning by Max Brand
  3. She wanted, perhaps, to raise her value in my eyes. – The Home and the World by Rabindranath Tagore