Synonyms for Dip:


ba, 21, associate degree, baccalaureate, Associate of Arts, bath, associate, sinking, immersion, 22, bachelor's degree, advanced degree, aa. diminish, solution, dwindle, crater, decrease, liquid, mixture, dye, shrink, preparation, concoction, suspension, saturation, infusion. blowhole, cavity, slope, chink, depression, cranny, grade, hollow, abyss, channel, aperture, cleft. slip, coulis, chutney, broth, barbecue sauce, aioli, sag, bouillon cube, balsamic vinegar, catsup, aspic. collapse, swim, shrinkage, reduction, cutback, cut. bathing, cannonball, decompression, breaststroke, crawl, spread, backstroke, appetizer, the butterfly, belly flop. deadhead, dunce, jerk, dork, enter, spastic, cretin, cow, wanker, submerse. brand, cattle prod, color, crook, corral, dairy, cow town, crate, colors. bail, scoop, come down, lower, lade, plummet, lose your balance/footing, ladle, give. run-through, muck out, skim, rub down, grooming, browse, words, investigate, flip through, scan, groom. depression (noun)
dip (noun)
douse, pickpocket, dim, duck, souse, inclination, cutpurse, magnetic inclination, magnetic dip, plunge, dunk, sink, angle of dip.
dip into (noun)
skim, swim, infusion, hollow, decrease, bathe, plunge, depression, slope, immersion, browse.
reading (noun)
reading, readership, perusal, reader, speed-reading, sight-reading, reading group.
something for dunking (noun)
concoction, suspension, solution, preparation, mixture, infusion.
submersion in liquid (noun)
immersion, bath, plunge, swim.


consumption (verb)
contact (verb)
dunk, douse, plunge, souse.
immerse (verb)
drown, dunk, wallow, flood, plunge, inundate, sink, submerge, bathe, engulf, douse, immerse.
put into liquid (verb)
bathe, submerge, douse, lower, dunk, souse, submerse, immerse, duck.
scoop, ladle (verb)
bail, lade.

Other synonyms:

broth, cretin, come down, descend, bath, decrease, aspic, cattle prod, catsup, barbecue sauce, coulis, bouillon cube, dwindle, shrink, diminish, submerse, muck out, cow town, aioli, flip through, balsamic vinegar, chutney, depression. lade, grooming, ladle, skim. rub down, corral, dye. crate, brand, immersion, plop. crook, dairy. groom. bath

Usage examples for dip

  1. We had had our dip and were dressing, when we saw a boy spring up through the companion hatch, and do just what we had done- jump overboard. – A Yacht Voyage Round England by W.H.G. Kingston
  2. Shouldn't I like a dip – A Chapter of Adventures by G. A. Henty
  3. Dip your head in that and make haste- we two are together. – Myths and Legends of the Great Plains by Unknown