Synonyms for Communicate:


converse, address, correspond, deal with, confabulate, confer, express yourself, wire, differ, call up, talk, agree, put (something) into words, interact, speak, chat, hear from. develop, go around, break, infect, cause, knowledge. interchange, show, cross-fertilize, liaise, display, manifest. verbalize, vent, voice, vocalize, words. spread, move. connect, click. communicate (noun)
pass, transmit, convey, pass on, intercommunicate, put across.


co-act (verb)
communication (verb)
put across, pass, intercommunicate, pass on.
disclose (verb)
declare, advertise, disclose, reveal, broadcast, confess, uncloak, proclaim, disseminate, assert, express, announce, unmask, divulge, exhibit, brief, testify.
give or exchange information, ideas (verb)
disclose, write, interface, convey, spread, disseminate, announce, relate, enlighten, inform, phone, publicize, hint, declare, advise, get across, correspond, interact, broadcast, transmit, pass on, divulge, advertise, reveal, connect, proclaim, acquaint, break.
mutually exchange information (verb)
confer, chat, wire, telephone, converse, confabulate, talk, cable, hear from.

Other synonyms:

write, verbalize. cross-fertilize, correspond, speak, liaise, vocalize. manifest, vent, click, recite, infect, utter. deal with, interchange. voice. cause, address, relate, connect, go around. talk, display. spread, break. develop. get in touch
send word.
get across.
hand on.

Usage examples for communicate

  1. I'll communicate with Rodgers and tell him what you say. – The Mandarin's Fan by Fergus Hume
  2. Farrell lost all track of him and was unable to communicate with him, of course, when Naraini chose to strike out for herself.... – The Bronze Bell by Louis Joseph Vance