Synonyms for Begin:


come into being, arise, break out, blossom, subside, rise, result from, emanate, fall/fit into place, terminate, enter, set in, flower, occur. get down to, take over, take on, dive in, get around to, start on, go to. catalyze, start-off. turn your hand to something, change direction/course, try your hand at something, break with, give something a try, branch out, sample, change over. begin (noun)
Menachem Begin, start, start out, get, set out, commence, set about, lead off.
person (noun)
Menachem Begin.


begin (verb)
embark, stem, inaugurate, spring, bud, germinate, conceive, dawn, initialize, create, commence, undertake, form, originate, initiate, induct, emerge, prepare, birth, introduce, hatch, develop, start, sprout.
cause (verb)
bring on.
change (verb)
get, start out, set out, commence, start, set about.
come into being; become functional (verb)
emanate, arise, dawn, bud, spring, occur, start, emerge, result from, sprout, enter, rise, germinate, kick off.
originate (verb)
institute, generate, produce, invent.
prepare (verb)
lead up to.
reveal (verb)
open up.
social (verb)
start (verb)
establish, mount, commence, create, institute, occasion, bring about, initiate, found, motivate, produce, set about, open, activate, trigger, go into, set up, actualize, inaugurate, launch, effect, undertake, go ahead, prepare, impel, originate, generate, introduce, eventuate.
stative (verb)

Other synonyms:

branch out, scratch the surface, start on, emanate, dig in, break with, dive in, continue, get around to, change over, result from. bring up, arise, get down to, enter, set-to, take over, break out, start-off, go to, throw in. launch, get out, strike out, get to, pioneer. bring about. add, set up. open, sample. go on. cause
set in, start in.
get to.
set about
set about, fall to.
kick off, open fire.
strike out
set out, start out.

Usage examples for begin

  1. But if he was poor to begin with- could he be a gentleman then? – A Letter of Credit by Susan Warner
  2. " Yes," replied the tikgi, " and now we shall begin the work, but you do not need to stay here." – Philippine Folk Tales by Mabel Cook Cole