Synonyms for Beginning:


all (adjective)
beginning (adjective)
first, new, foremost, baby, inaugural, preparatory, early, formative, newborn, hatching, precursory, alpha, sprouting, infant, original, initial, primeval, preliminary, maiden, primordial, introductory, budding, embryonic, emerging, starting, aboriginal, genesis, Dawned, infantile, germinal, primal, Commencing, nascent, incipient, fetal.
earliest (adjective)
maiden, original.
originating (adjective)
rudimentary (adjective)


appearance, arrival, starting point. bourgeois, class, background, class-conscious, classless, beginnings, classism, the bourgeoisie, beneath, heart. incipience, leadoff, incipiency, launch. nascence, onset. parent, mother, fountainhead, Provenience, rootstock, well, provenance. beginning (noun)
dawn, emergence, introduction, babyhood, source, sprout, origin, earliness, inception, spring, conception, derivation, start, embryo, stem, precursor, inauguration, nativity, prelude, infancy, commencement, preparation, cradle, creation, nascency, birth.
origin, cause (noun)
embryo, conception, stem, well, heart, fountainhead.
start of an event or action (noun)
starting point, prelude, inception, source, origin, onset, dawning, genesis, birth, spring, infancy, introduction, alpha, inauguration, commencement, creation, dawn.


beginning (verb)
undertaking, Inaugurating, dawning, Creating, Introducing, Germinating, Originating, Inducting, springing, Stemming, initializing, Conceiving, Preparing, birthing, developing, Forming, Initiating, Embarking.
originating (verb)
Generating, Producing, Instituting, Inventing.

Other synonyms:

incipiency, starting point, rootstock, Provenience, arrival, incipience, nascence, leadoff. fountainhead, provenance. launch, mother, well. appearance, onset, parent.

Usage examples for beginning

  1. I was beginning to think I ought to know what I am going about. – The Man-Wolf and Other Tales by Emile Erckmann and Alexandre Chatrian
  2. Though the letter might as well have been sent to you; it was nothing but Mrs. Pontellier from beginning to end." – The Awakening and Selected Short Stories by Kate Chopin
  3. Yes, away at the beginning of things. – Penny Plain by Anna Buchan (writing as O. Douglas)