Synonyms for Dump:


batch, access time, artificial intelligence, background processing, authoring, ai, ABEND, A-D conversion, authentication, alpha test. grind down, discharge, abuse, mistreat, oppress, disburden, reject, Unlade, do someone wrong, unload, kick around, shove around, trample, hit out, put in. author, access, browse, back up, capture, archive, close out, burn-in, sell out, burn, block, sell off, call up. arms control, amnesty, arms race, disarm, deterrence, disarmament, bomb disposal, nonproliferation, decommission. carry, auction, hawk, push, peddle, retail, stock, sell, move. replace, do away with, remove, eradicate, shed, eliminate. disposal, dustman, garbage collector, garbage disposal, curbside collection, binman, bonfire. jungle, pit, slum, bomb site. drop, break off, fall out, break up, split up, cut off, finish with, defriend, leave. dump (noun)
dumpsite, coldcock, trash dump, floor, deck, rubbish dump, wasteyard, plunge, garbage dump, ditch, underprice.
garbage dump (noun)
junk pile, junkyard, rubbish heap, scrapheap, hovel, refuse heap, ash heap, dumping ground, midden, cesspit, toxic waste dump, discard pile, rubbish pile, landfill, cesspool, sanitary landfill, city dump, sump.
junkyard (noun)
ash heap, cesspool, dumping ground, refuse heap, rubbish pile, junk pile.
slummy establishment (noun)
slum, hovel.


drop, throw away (verb)
leave, discard, ditch, junk, throw out, discharge, scrap, unload, jettison, dispose of.
motion (verb)
possession (verb)
reject (verb)

Other synonyms:

decommission, eliminate, curbside collection, binman, landfill, clap, garbage disposal, deterrence, slap, arms control, bomb disposal, shove, hovel, Unlade, disarmament, defriend, disposal, bomb site, plop, finish with, garbage collector, stick, eradicate, bonfire, disarm, dustman, nonproliferation, arms race, throw, fall out, junkyard. disburden, amnesty, discharge, junk, jettison, shuck, dumping ground, split up, do away with. jungle, remove, replace. slum, break off. scrap, sell, break up. cut off. pit. leave. drop. disburden
get rid of
ditch, discard.
throw away
dispose of.
Other relevant words:
bonfire, hovel, leave, do away with, sell, junkyard, discharge, amnesty, throw, dispose of, disarm, stock, sell out, binman, junk, jettison, scrap, junk pile, shove, slum, replace, rubbish pile, drop, throw away, disburden, throw out, sell off, jungle, midden, eliminate, cesspool, sanitary landfill, refuse heap, deterrence, move, close out, reject, shuck, rubbish heap, nonproliferation, sump, remove, Unlade, discard, landfill, disposal, defriend, unload, retail, toss, decommission, slap, ash heap, shed.

Usage examples for dump

  1. With the first shots the man fell, and when the soldiers went to the body to dump it into an alley eleven bullets were found to have entered it." – Complete Story of the San Francisco Horror by Richard Linthicum Trumbull White Samuel Fallows
  2. I was sorry to dump you, but it would take nine time- keepers to make a foreman like Colin MacLeod, and when he put it up to me you had to go. – King Spruce, A Novel by Holman Day
  3. Just remember that you're a waiter in a cheap dump serving a couple of young people that have run away from home to be married and are in a hurry to get something to eat. – J. Poindexter, Colored by Irvin Shrewsbury Cobb