Synonyms for Termination:


cease, continue, stop, wrap up, wind up, end of the line. ax, boot, bounce, discharge, dismissal, keep, sack. start. birth control (noun)
abortion, abortionist, birth control, coil, contraception, contraceptive, diaphragm, Barrier Method.
cessation (noun)
abandonment, cessation, closure, discontinuance, end, ending, halt, hiatus, interruption, pause, standstill, stay, stoppage.
close (noun)
completion (noun)
accomplishment, achievement, arrival, climax, completion, conclusion, consummation, culmination, execution, finale, finish, fruition, fulfillment.
death (noun)
end (noun)
abortion, cease, cessation, checkmate, close, closing, completion, conclusion, death, demise, ending, exit, expiration, expiry, finale, finis, finish, outcome, result, stop, terminal, terminus, windup, end of the line.
ending (noun)
cessation, close.
limit (noun)
end point.
resignation (noun)
abdication, acceptance, rejection, relinquishment, renouncement, resignation, retirement, surrender, withdrawal, Disclamation.
termination (noun)
conclusion, end point, ending, endpoint, expiration, expiry, final result, outcome, result, resultant, terminus.

Other synonyms:

end of the line. ax, dismissal, wind up. sack, wrap up. boot. cease. Other relevant words:
abortion, abortionist, ax, boot, bounce, cease, coil, continue, contraception, contraceptive, diaphragm, discharge, dismissal, end point, endpoint, expiry, final result, keep, outcome, result, resultant, sack, stop, terminus, wrap up, end of the line.

Usage examples for termination

  1. At the final termination of hostilities- in a free land and with a free heart he returned to the bosom of his friends and the labors of his profession. – Sages and Heroes of the American Revolution by L. Carroll Judson
  2. As for any prospect of a termination of the strife, he could see none in her joyful welcome to him and regretful parting and pleased appointment of the next meeting day after day. – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith
  3. Mere optimism had reached its insane and appropriate termination – Orthodoxy by G. K. Chesterton