Synonyms for Recitation:


playing, description, picture, characterization, profile, portrait, depiction, portrayal, rehearsal, performance, tale, story, monologue, delivery. juggling act, Punch and Judy show, examination, burlesque, impersonation, improvisation, impression, class. talk, writing, poetry, address, proclamation, soliloquy, sermon, appeal. communication (noun)
recital, reading.
reading to audience (noun)
playing, speaking, report, delivery, monologue, exercise, recital, address, performance, oration, proclamation, rehearsal, talk, appeal, discussion.
recitation (noun)
reading, recital, drill, class period, exercise, practice session, practice, course session.
rehearsal (noun)
practice session.
repetition (noun)
recurrence, replication, facsimile, reiteration, quote, duplication, echo, repetition, iteration, reproduction, recapitulation.
speech (noun)
oral communication, remark, dialect, oration, jabbering, spoken word, babbling, patter, chitchat, report, locution, chat, dialog, debate, speech, prattle, speaking, elocution, voice, discussion, circumlocution, vocalization, allocution, talking, chattering.

Other synonyms:

Punch and Judy show, description. burlesque, improvisation, monologue, juggling act, impersonation. impression, class. practice
rehearsal, practice.
Other relevant words:
portrayal, impersonation, impression, address, appeal, monologue, exercise, soliloquy, story, class, performance, reading, sermon, class period, course session, talk, description, recital, practice, playing, rehearsal, delivery, practice session, proclamation, improvisation, tale, drill.