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expose - 321 results
Other synonyms:

soften, ascertain, instruct, break up, get a line, impart, notice, ambush, infract, conk out, break out, embarrass, bespeak, erupt, jeopardize, uncover, break down, imperil, bankrupt, sport, air, come upon, subject, set off, smoke out, chance on, queer, attain, get around, key out, spread, denounce, scupper, go bad, advice column, train, give out, divulge, discern, intermit, widen, break, banner headline, hear, split up, thwart, cheesecake, nail, demo, lecture, protection, exhibit, classified ad, collapse, make known, descry, unbosom, betray, rat, let down, see, dampen, cartoon, endanger, cave in, plague, let loose, founder, wear, debunk, produce, describe, ambuscade, disport, communicate, ruin, peril, bust, lay bare, tell on, centerfold, better, die, go against, flash, get word, discontinue, waylay, find out, fail, count against, uncloak, bilk, come apart, disseminate, distinguish, check, strip away, bump, blow up, wear out, issue, unmasking, initiate, shop, happen upon, jeopardise, interrupt, march, bring out, recrudesce, emit, frustrate, unroll, broadcast, smash, inhibit, prove, spoil, break away, lie in wait, uncloak, let on, offend, parade, spill, name, unfold, hold back, develop, break in, stag, crack, publish, invent, let it be known that, come out, tell, teach, weaken, learn, split, go, tutor, discover, display, untie, let out, fall upon, photograph, induct, proclaim, disadvantage, grass, declare, burden, key, snap off, part, disclose, ground, show off, threaten, put out, menace, fall in, break off, baffle, foil, brandish, snitch, bushwhack, lay out, fix, break-dance, capture, lurk, bring on, reveal, give, observe, relegate, put on, coach, strut, fall apart, article, demote, cross, compose, lay open, breach, get wind, get out, bring up against, pause, give away, pick up, artwork, stop, damp, focus, strike, chance upon, blab, scotch, pap, fracture, kick downstairs, burst, throw back, utter, light upon, introduce, violate, announce, educate, transgress, shit, give way, ferret out, come across, throttle, announcement, separate, byline.

Examples of usage:

Why expose himself to the needless risk and observation of a railway station? - "Hilda Wade A Woman With Tenacity Of Purpose", Grant Allen.

A similar reluctance might be anticipated to expose such valuable vessels as attacked Port Hudson, when their loss was so hard to repair; for only men of the temper of Farragut or Grant- men with a natural genius for war or enlightened by their knowledge of the past- can fully commit themselves to the hazard of a great adventure- can fully realize that a course of timid precaution may entail the greatest of risks. - "Admiral Farragut", A. T. Mahan.

We'll expose the Hoods and put an end to the organization! - "The Clock Strikes Thirteen", Mildred A. Wirt.

Similar words:

exposed, exposit, export, exposure, public exposure, exposure meter, trade expense, operating expense, minor expense, business expense.

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