Synonyms for Catch:


cache, shrug off, cope, surmount, prey, handle, jewel, carry off, game, plum, work out, manage, get through, gem, discovery, quarry. house, include, contents, lady killer, fit, harbor, piece, number, conquest, hunk, accommodate, lover. disclosure, go down with, afflict, come down with, scoop, pickup, grasping, invade, seizure. conundrum, curve, joker, communicate, address, express yourself, kicker, utter, rub, puzzler, difficulty, verbalize, talk, put (something) into words, say, speak, enunciate. HIT, hit on, trials and tribulations, trouble, issue, surprise, hardship, nuisance, disturbance, baggage, problem. clutch, recognize, identify, pick out, notice, tell. reach, strike, transfer, on, embark, off, disembarkation, get on, deplane, change, nip. angling, cast, bite, big game, attack, blood sports, over. body search, book, bust, breathalyze, used, bounty hunter, Breath Test, board. moor, proclaim, fasten, symbolize, indicate, mean, stand for, signify, denote, move, betray, represent. ball, lodge, backhand, dribble, delivery, cross, blast, chip, dive. biff, pop, slug, thwack, bang, bump, swat, slog, slam, sock, bop, conk, wallop, whop, smite, bash, smash, clout, whack, walk into, knock, stub, wham. burn, sicken, blaze, light, ignite, go up, catch fire, flame, kindle. bludgeon, smack, twig, beat up, fathom, dig, punch, accept, read, make out, grasp, conceive, ken, batter, compass, sense, thump, comprehend, stun. bend, waver, bathe, reflect, focus, flood, fade, filter, play. bear, support, shore up, prop up, hold up, steady yourself, break someone's fall. fall. follow-the-leader, chicken, dress up, Double Dutch, hide-and-seek, blind man's buff, dodge ball, cat's cradle. keyhole, dead bolt, deadlock, combination lock. burst, cast up, break, deepen, crest, course, channel, come in, dash. interlude, recess, intermission, pause, interval, cooling-off period. confine, shut away, quarantine, lock in, imprison, pen in, shut in. carry, hold tight, cradle, hold on, hang on, keep hold of something. frozen, rooted/glued/frozen to the spot, catatonic, stunned, rigid, paralyzed, immobile, immovable, stuck. claw, catch at, pounce, fumble, dip into, grasp at, grab at. hear out, strain your eyes/ears, eavesdrop, read someone's lips, hear from, listen in, heed, listen, hang on someone's every word. see/hear things, Mishear. chaperon, eternal triangle, eligible, double date, lay, Mr. Right. acquisition (noun)
procurement, acquisition, annexation, addition, appropriation, assumption, collection, accumulation.
booty (noun)
graft, spoils, booty, Boodle, prize, plunder, haul, loot, swag.
catch on (noun)
grasp, fathom, comprehend.
decoy (noun)
bait, mirage, decoy, deception, blind, trick, trap.
fastener (noun)
bonding, cleat, bolt, closure, strap, fuse, belt, agent, cincture, middleman, fastener, knitting, ligament, hitch, bracket, cement, zipper, glue, brace, thread, hinge, rabbet, braid, skewer, lock, mediator, band, binding, staple, twine, lace, clip, chain, tack, button, string, medium, brad, go-between, connector, stitch, spike, hasp, seal, snap, fastening, rivet, suture, cinch, clamp, hawser, guy, binder, paste, splice, knot, coupling, latch, Vinculum, bond, clinch, buckle, nail, hook, anchor, cotter, pin, link, grapnel, stay, vise, mucilage, tie, weld, clasp.
grip (noun)
hindrance (noun)
blockage, bafflement, blockade, impediment, complication, hindrance, entrapment, opposition, barrier, stoppage, impedance, frustration, obstruction, impasse, inhibition, restriction, disadvantage, constipation, damper, resistance, congestion, entanglement, restraint, obstacle, hurdle, deterrent, constraint, drawback, encumbrance, interruption.
limit (noun)
person (noun)
qualification (noun)
qualification, reservation, stipulation, proviso, limitation, provision, exception, mitigation, condition, allowance, modification.
quantity (noun)
take (noun)
trick, hidden disadvantage (noun)
trap, deception, drawback, decoy, hitch, puzzler, snag, conundrum.
trophy (noun)
trophy, memorabilia, favor, commemoration, wreath, testimonial, memorial, souvenir, crown, garland, keepsake, plaque, monument, treasure, remembrance, laurel, marker, ribbon, cup, memento.
wrinkle (noun)


capture (verb)
abduct, achieve, apprehend, win, occupy, capture, seize, arrest, snare, obtain, gain, get, secure, collar, take.
come from behind and grab (verb)
reach, overtake, board.
contact (verb)
contract (verb)
come down with.
creation (verb)
ensnare, apprehend (verb)
bust, secure, take, take hold of, entangle, collar, nab, arrest, nail, grasp, entrap, clutch, grab, bag, capture, net, snare, claw, seize.
find out, discover (verb)
spot, surprise, detect, descry.
hear and understand (verb)
accept, recognize, discern, comprehend, apprehend, sense, see.
perception (verb)
take (verb)
annex, monopolize, reap, usurp, confiscate, commandeer, harvest, acquire, impound, grab, deprive, collect, gather, amass, appropriate, levy, procure, bag, nab.

Other synonyms:

blind man's buff, double date, ground out, follow-the-leader, whop, difficulty, espy, combination lock, biff, dead bolt, include, grab at, keyhole, bop, waver, fasten, Mr. Right, Mishear, cast up, dodge ball, lead to, bunt, catch at, eternal triangle, cat's cradle, hide-and-seek, go down with, embark, afflict, deplane, harbor. detect, eligible, decide, ensnarl, read, thwack, dress up, accommodate, whack, Double Dutch, walk into, stub, glimpse, knock, backhand, house, color, smite, ignite, bat, invade, descry, deadlock, sicken, enmesh, ball, joker, trammel, wallop, kindle, prop up, grasp at, reflect, sock, fathom. conk, conquest, flame, chaperon, bathe, slug, hold up, skew, moor, ken, discern, slam, seizure, spy, pick out, plum, fade. blaze, slog, wham, HIT, clout, claw, fit, balk, lodge, dive, delivery, chip, dip into, bash, board, pop, stir, chicken, smash. off, strike, transfer, grasp, crest, fumble, conceive, dribble, change, bump, focus. get on, talk, deepen, bend. burst, pickup, channel, filter, dash, web. bang, on, accept, go up, dig, cross, blast, come in, game. spot, fly, course. play, lay, flood. burn, bear. fall. light. carry. double. support. break. bop
occupy, net.
pick out.
give back
trip up
Other relevant words:
catch fire, catch up with, flame, burn, blaze, seizure, grasp, rub, nip, lodge, conceive, see, reach, come down with, overtake, plum, conquest.

Usage examples for catch

  1. He knew what the catch was now. – Gone Fishing by James H. Schmitz
  2. What do you mean to do to the judge when you catch him? – The Simpkins Plot by George A. Birmingham
  3. Did you ever catch me in a lie? – Jimgrim and Allah's Peace by Talbot Mundy