Synonyms for Jazz:


musical (adjective)
musical, concert, lyric, bebop, symphonic, harmonious, vocal, instrumental, melodic, blues, tune, syncopated.


Dixieland (noun)
improvisation, boogie-woogie, cool jazz, modern jazz, fusion, le jazz hot, syncopated music, hot music, big band music, progressive jazz, jive, third-stream, swing, ragtime, straight jazz.
background music, ambient, bluegrass, backup, backing, acid jazz, bhangra, acid house. absurdity (noun)
jazz (noun)
get it on, hump, swing, blues, make love, wind, have it away, make out, have sex, boogie-woogie, have a go at it, nothingness, know, jive, be intimate, do it, bonk, lie with, ragtime, have intercourse, have it off, eff, love, idle words, sleep with, bang, get laid, bed, bebop.
music (noun)
aria, composition, instrumental, concert, bebop, vocalization, score, hymn, carol, concerto, ditty, serenade, syncopation, lullaby, quartet, song, arrangement, sonata, harmony, blues, melody, ballad, ballet, psalm, chorus, tune, air, music, symphony, lyric.

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Other relevant words:
bang, wind, get it on, ragtime, sleep with, know, have a go at it, jive, have it off, hump, love, lie with, do it, bed, swing, eff, have it away, idle words, boogie-woogie, syncopated music, make out, nothingness, bonk, get laid, be intimate, make love.

Usage examples for jazz

  1. " I was pianist in the best jazz orchestra in Bordeaux," March told her. – Mary Wollaston by Henry Kitchell Webster
  2. You won't find me gadding about in gilded jazz palaces! – The Adventures of Sally by P. G. Wodehouse