Synonyms for Congestion:


amenorrhoea, acne, adhd, amenorrhea, allergy, alopecia, alcoholism, amnesia, add, acidity. bumper-to-bumper, back up, filter, busy, congestion charge, hold up. blockage (noun)
jam, crowdedness, overpopulation, bottleneck, surfeit, excess, Clogging, press, overcrowding, traffic jam, overdevelopment, crowding.
congestion (noun)
hindrance (noun)
burden, bafflement, brake, constipation, blockade, bottleneck, restriction, entrapment, hurdle, frustration, complication, constraint, delay, deterrent, barrier, handicap, stoppage, opposition, interruption, drawback, clog, entanglement, snarl, plug, tangle, inhibition, impediment, impasse, jam, stay, mire, blockage, stop, snag, hindrance, obstruction, drag, restraint, resistance, damper, encumbrance, block, impedance, choke, dam, disadvantage, crimp, obstacle, bung, catch.
overflow (noun)
over-crowding, overcrowding, engorgement.
profusion (noun)
surfeit, overcrowding, excess, hyperemia, press, too much, crowdedness, Cramming, overpopulation, overdevelopment, crowding, stuffing, gridlock, traffic jam, excessive concentration, too many, engorgement, Clogging.

Other synonyms:

congestion charge, traffic jam, bumper-to-bumper, overdevelopment, gridlock. hold up. busy. filter. back up. overpopulation
Other relevant words:
allergy, adhd, overcrowding, too much, gridlock, amenorrhea, hold up, too many, traffic jam, press, over-crowding, hyperemia, amnesia, amenorrhoea, overpopulation, Cramming, surfeit, busy, excess, overdevelopment, stuffing, crowdedness, add, filter, acidity, alopecia, bumper-to-bumper, engorgement, alcoholism, Clogging, acne, crowding.

Usage examples for congestion

  1. " We want to avoid congestion in the streets, and besides we don't want to expose the men. – The Sky Pilot in No Man's Land by Ralph Connor
  2. He remembered the case perfectly,- congestion of the lungs, apparently caused by cold caught on her journey. – The Parisians, Book 6. by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
  3. It seemed that the imprudent girl, for some whim or mood, while out with her countess, had ventured on a gallop of nearly half an hour's duration on her white Fatma in the teeth of a strong north- east wind, and had come home with an attack of congestion of the lungs, which threatened to end her altogether. – Royal Highness by Thomas Mann