Synonyms for Route:


circuit, bus, round, run, booking, ARR, afloat, board, bookable, book on, aisle seat, range, beat, Booking office, aboard, tour, tack, detour. diagram, artery, plot, blacktop, plan, program, layout, approach, plans, byway, chart, journey, map, bypass, beltway, B-road, byroad. move, freeway, post, relocate, farm out, thruway, bundle off, drive, expressway, pack off, turnpike, parachute, dispatch, superhighway, boulevard, ship, send, open. manner, method, system, tactic, territory, mode, technique, procedure, basis. means, key, secret, ticket, formula. direction (noun)
bearing, course, itinerary, path, trend, direction, track, heading, aim.
heading (noun)
path over which someone or something travels (noun)
program, tack, byway, plot, run, round, direction, journey, detour, itinerary, course, circuit, track, beat, range, road.
route (noun)
path, road, itinerary.
thruway (noun)


send along a path (verb)
ship, dispatch.

Other synonyms:

thruway, pack off, parachute. ship, freeway, boulevard, expressway, farm out, turnpike. dispatch. key, send, formula. run, post. secret, ticket, circuit. transit
Other relevant words:
key, manner, drive, technique, range, beat, afloat, plan, relocate, send, run, program, B-road, chart, dispatch, territory, round, map, journey, procedure, ship, road, aboard, artery, booking, method, mode, ticket, diagram, bookable, ARR, post, superhighway, expressway, boulevard, bus, thruway, turnpike, beltway, secret, byroad, plans, approach, tour, bypass, blacktop, system, tactic, formula, move, byway, basis, circuit, means, layout, plot, open, board, freeway, parachute, detour, tack.

Usage examples for route

  1. The second route is practically the one we travelled, viz. – From Paris to New York by Land by Harry de Windt
  2. No Indians have been seen on the route for some time. – Captured by the Navajos by Charles A. Curtis
  3. I am now quite recovered and anxiously awaiting the return of Mr. Hodgkinson's party that I may be enabled to start for Cooper's Creek by a route a little more to the southward than when I tried when last out. – McKinlay's Journal of Exploration in the Interior of Australia by John McKinlay