Synonyms for Whip:


dislodge, extract, remove, get out, clear, take, flush out, sweep away, take off, weed out. chad, beauty contest, elect, campaign, lick, advance poll, by election, disenfranchise, attack, election, lay into, hide, trim, direct elections, electioneering, reward. apple pie, brown sugar, banana split, carob, cake, caramel, repetition, angelica, Christmas Pudding, chocolate, assemble, choc-ice. subjugate, ace, prevail against, smash, knock out, best. loot, help yourself to something, run away with, walk off with, rob, plunder, burgle, mug, steal. dart, fly, hasten, gallop, charge, race, be quick on your feet, outpace, surge, speed. stun, bludgeon, beat up, smack, thump, punch. blanch, chill, carve, butter, butcher, bone, bake, blend, butchery. bridle, blinders, hurdle, harness, girth, fence, bit, crop, halter. congressman, congresswoman, elder statesman, dove, carpetbagger, gentlewoman, free marketeer, gentleman, Eurocrat, congressperson. pop, skim, slide, flick, zip, zap, shove, fling. length of material for hitting (noun)
horsewhip, cane, strap, lash, rod, ruler, knout, thong, rawhide, switch, crop.
punishment device (noun)
ax, prison, cane, gallows, switch, rack, rope, bull whip, jail, lash, rawhide, maiden, stocks, torture chamber, gas chamber, pillory, scaffold, strap, gibbet, birch rod, stake, electric chair, truncheon, iron, thong, rod, thumbscrew, whipping post, block, captivity, cowhide, noose, solitary confinement, guillotine.
switch (noun)
horsewhip, blacksnake, dog whip, quirt, ruler, Taws, knout, ox whip, riding crop, knotted cord, buggy whip.
whip (noun)
lash, mop up, welt, flog, worst, pip, trounce, blister, lather, party whip, whisk, slash, strap, whiplash, rack up.


agitate, stir up (verb)
dash, dart (verb)
fly, surge, whisk.
defeat (verb)
crush, subdue, overthrow, outdo, quell, defeat, subject, beat, overturn, humble, checkmate, trounce, foil, capture, triumph, predominate, master, win, outplay, conquer, overpower, rout, vanquish, trump, surmount, overcome.
defeat soundly (verb)
lick, conquer, mop up, trim, overpower, trounce, vanquish, subdue, worst, outdo, rout, overcome, best.
derange (verb)
confuse, swirl, disorder, clutter, disarrange, agitate, muss, convulse, dislocate, blur, misplace, mix up, botch, dishevel, trouble, displace, toss, disturb, roughen, whisk, discompose, mislay, muddle, confound, meddle, ferment, roil, tamper, ripple, scramble, ruffle, churn, rummage, scatter, capsize, disorganize, jumble, tumble, rumple, upset, mess, derange, hash, tousle, perturb.
hit repeatedly (verb)
bludgeon, lather, beat, flog, hide.

Other synonyms:

subjugate. lick. flick, fling, trim. slide.

Usage examples for whip

  1. He had no whip but when he wanted to start, he shook the hour- glass, and off they went. – Melchior's Dream and Other Tales by Juliana Horatia Ewing
  2. " If you behave properly she won't whip you. – Frank's Campaign or the Farm and the Camp by Horatio Alger, Jr.
  3. It was like a whip that step upon the stair, but only a sentry with tea and bread. – Red Fleece by Will Levington Comfort