Synonyms for Knock:


reprimand, denigrate, rebuke, put down, deride, find fault with, remonstrate, reproach. dribble, clip, wham, hook, sock, attack, biff, slog, catch, play, bop, conk, smite, pop, whop, cross, swat, paste, clout, strike at, slug, wallop, pass. cough, crunch, change, babble, overturn, overthrow, horizontal, buzz, ding, capsize, upset, burble, turn over, topple, grate. engagement, cut out, grind, flood, idle, go, cycle, burn up, backfire. clangor, din, hum, drone, grumble, background noise, crackling. ordeal, worst-case scenario, tragedy, quagmire, trouble, stress, nightmare, crisis, battle. batter. bruise, blemish, blister, chip, blight, burnout, breakage, burn. puncture, bore, gouge, rip, dent, tear, pierce, riddle. smash into, run over, collide. floor, punch someone's lights out, strike down, knock-down, take down, lay out, flatten, fell, deck. be really/quite something, take your breath away, make a favorable impression (on someone), commend itself (to someone), put someone/something in the shade, exceed (someone's) expectations, be an inspiration to someone, make an impression, stand out. bat (noun)
blow (noun)
poke, biff.
cognition (noun)
event (noun)
impulse (noun)
jerk, jog, impulse, strike, thrust, punch, momentum, nudge, pitch, shove, sling, shot, push, motivation, prod, jolt, poke.
knock (noun)
ping, bash, smash, belt, whang, bump, roast, rap, tap, strike hard, knocking, pink, whack, bang.
pushing, striking (noun)
rap, whack, swat, slap, thump, smack, injury, conk, clip.
rap (noun)
injury, beat.
snap (noun)
crash, bang, thwack, rap, thump, click, flap, burst, slam, boom, clack, smack, bump, clap, tap, snap, slap, report, whack, crepitation.
strong criticism (noun)
pan, censure.

n. & v.

bat (noun, verb)


contact (verb)
strike hard.
criticize harshly (verb)
motivate (verb)
heave, hasten, energize, stimulate, magnetize, inspire, catapult, instigate, ferment, ram, propel, induce, impel, provoke, shoot, fire, drive, jostle, goad, entice, foment, encourage, hurl, hurtle, motivate, urge, launch, move, force, prompt, trigger, fling, lob, throw.
push over; strike (verb)
clout, batter, floor, beat, wallop, bruise, flatten, fell, tap, punch, clap, deck, thwack, bash.
snap (verb)
bump, burst, bang, thwack, whack, slap, clap, crash, flap, tap, thump, snap, smack, click, slam, clack, rap.

Other synonyms:

background noise, bop, swat, whop, biff, crackling. paste, beat, chip, sock, censure, wallop, dribble, smite. clip, fell, slug, strike down, conk, pan. batter, slog, clout, pop. cross, take down, deck, flatten. play, lay out, fault. buzz. pass, floor. catch. blame
find fault with.
put down.

Usage examples for knock

  1. At length came his knock at the door. – Tales & Novels, Vol. IX [Contents: Harrington; Thoughts on Bores; Ormond] by Maria Edgeworth
  2. I might knock off a hundred from that. – The Best Policy by Elliott Flower
  3. But I sha'n't knock 'em down, for I like the way it's said. – Cap'n Warren's Wards by Joseph C. Lincoln