Synonyms for Study:


abstract, aquatint, caricature, collage, daub, diptych, library, office, room, studio, bas relief. acquisition, advanced, assimilation, comparison, discovery, examination, exploratory, flashcard, hothouse, inquiry, insight, investigation, questioning, research. adagio, air, allegro, andante, arrangement, art, bass, cantata, chant, chorus, concerto. advisement, line, realm, specialty, territory. attic, bath, bedchamber, bedroom, boudoir, bower, chamber, checkup, closet, conservatory, den, going-over, inspection, investigate, perusal, scrutiny. abstraction, awareness, bemusement, brown study, cram, reverie, specialise, specialize, trance, absent-mindedness. case study, drill, exercise, practice, rehearsal, researcher, revision, scholarship, school, specialization, Research and Development, school days. devour, fluent, illegible, legible, read-out. act (noun)
calculation (noun)
algebra, algorithm, approximation, arithmetic, assessment, calculus, computation, conclusion, deduction, determination, division, enumeration, estimation, inference, judgement, mathematics, measurement, method, multiplication, presumption, quantification, reckoning, statistics, supposition, system, triangulation, valuation.
cognition (noun)
composition (noun)
cantata, concerto.
drawing (noun)
blueprint, cartoon, charcoal, depiction, diagram, doodle, drawing, illustration, landscape, masterpiece, painting, pastel, picture, portrait, rendering, scene, sketch, still life, tracing, Water color.
experiment (noun)
Research and Development.
learning, analysis (noun)
abstraction, attention, cogitation, comparison, concentration, consideration, contemplation, debate, deliberation, examination, exercise, inquiry, inspection, investigation, meditation, muse, musing, pondering, questioning, reasoning, reflection, research, reverie, review, scrutiny, subject, survey, thought, trance, weighing.
studio (noun)
study (noun)
analyse, analyze, bailiwick, branch of knowledge, canvass, cogitation, consider, contemplate, discipline, examine, field, field of study, hit the books, learn, meditate, read, report, sketch, subject, subject area, subject field, survey, take, work.
thought (noun)
absorption, analysis, appraisal, attention, brooding, calculation, cerebration, cogitation, concentration, consideration, contemplation, daydreaming, deliberation, engrossment, envisioning, evaluation, imagination, intellection, lucubration, meditation, musing, pondering, preoccupation, reasoning, reflection, speculation, thinking, thought, weighing, wistfulness, Debating, brain work.


analyze (verb)
analyze, anatomize, assay, dissect, examine, sift, winnow.
calculate (verb)
account, add, appraise, approximate, assess, calculate, compute, conclude, consider, count, deduce, determine, divide, enumerate, estimate, evaluate, figure, gauge, guess, infer, judge, measure, multiply, plan, plot, presume, program, quantify, quantize, rank, rate, rationalize, reckon, schedule, scheme, score, sum, suppose, surmise, systematize, tally, think, total, triangulate, value, weigh.
contemplate, learn (verb)
cogitate, consider, cram, examine, hit the books, learn, meditate, mind, peruse, ponder, read, think, weigh.
examine (verb)
check, inspect, observe, peruse, review, scan, survey, verify.
examine, analyze (verb)
canvass, deliberate, figure, inspect, investigate, scrutinize.
heed (verb)
attend, concentrate on, heed, mind, scrutinize, think about, watch, care about, pay attention to, take notice of, take seriously.
learn (verb)
absorb, assimilate, comprehend, digest, discover, glean, grasp, learn, master, read, realize, understand.
think (verb)
brood, cerebrate, cogitate, concentrate, contemplate, debate, deliberate, envision, imagine, meditate, muse, ponder, reason, reflect, speculate.

Other synonyms:

advisement, bemusement, brown study, checkup, examination, going-over, illegible, investigate, legible, specialise, absent-mindedness. den, exercise, perusal, rehearsal, research, reverie, scrutiny, specialize, trance, read-out. abstraction, cram, inspection, practice. school. fluent. drill. analyze
dissect, estimate, evaluate, figure.
pay attention to.
Other relevant words:
analyse, art, branch of knowledge, brown study, canvass, examination, exercise, inspection, investigate, investigation, library, office, perusal, research, reverie, scrutiny, studio, trance, work.

Usage examples for study

  1. The Bishop emerged from a brown study – The Case of Richard Meynell by Mrs. Humphrey Ward
  2. I, madame, when one comes to me, I study – Prisoners of Poverty Abroad by Helen Campbell
  3. Such was Dr. Heidegger's study – From-Twice-Told-Tales by Hawthorne, Nathaniel