Synonyms for Study:


collage, aquatint, library, room, daub, abstract, bas relief, diptych, office, studio, caricature. exploratory, insight, flashcard, hothouse, acquisition, investigation, questioning, inquiry, comparison, assimilation, advanced, examination, research, discovery. andante, air, bass, chant, arrangement, adagio, concerto, art, cantata, chorus, allegro. realm, advisement, specialty, territory, line. chamber, bedroom, bedchamber, closet, den, scrutiny, checkup, bower, inspection, investigate, attic, going-over, perusal, boudoir, bath, conservatory. absent-mindedness, reverie, specialize, specialise, abstraction, trance, brown study, bemusement, awareness, cram. specialization, revision, drill, practice, exercise, case study, scholarship, Research and Development, school days, researcher, school, rehearsal. illegible, devour, legible, read-out, fluent. act (noun)
calculation (noun)
estimation, reckoning, judgement, division, presumption, calculus, deduction, determination, approximation, algorithm, multiplication, algebra, arithmetic, statistics, mathematics, conclusion, measurement, assessment, system, enumeration, valuation, inference, quantification, triangulation, computation, supposition, method.
cognition (noun)
composition (noun)
concerto, cantata.
drawing (noun)
Water color, pastel, charcoal, depiction, portrait, painting, diagram, illustration, rendering, cartoon, picture, blueprint, scene, still life, landscape, tracing, sketch, drawing, doodle, masterpiece.
experiment (noun)
Research and Development.
learning, analysis (noun)
meditation, cogitation, abstraction, consideration, concentration, inquiry, examination, reverie, muse, deliberation, investigation, thought, research, attention, reasoning, trance, review, survey, musing, contemplation, subject, pondering, exercise, comparison, inspection, weighing, debate, scrutiny, questioning, reflection.
studio (noun)
study (noun)
field of study, analyze, discipline, survey, hit the books, learn, branch of knowledge, work, field, consider, subject, canvass, read, take, bailiwick, report, sketch, cogitation, examine, meditate, subject area, contemplate, subject field, analyse.
thought (noun)
evaluation, cerebration, cogitation, preoccupation, Debating, reasoning, weighing, absorption, engrossment, deliberation, contemplation, brooding, pondering, attention, concentration, analysis, speculation, reflection, lucubration, appraisal, thinking, meditation, daydreaming, wistfulness, brain work, thought, intellection, calculation, envisioning, musing, imagination, consideration.


analyze (verb)
dissect, analyze, anatomize, examine, sift, assay, winnow.
calculate (verb)
measure, determine, systematize, plan, rank, assess, appraise, multiply, judge, add, suppose, conclude, compute, program, score, approximate, presume, evaluate, scheme, account, estimate, plot, triangulate, total, figure, quantify, rationalize, enumerate, guess, deduce, weigh, sum, schedule, count, calculate, rate, consider, infer, surmise, value, think, divide, gauge, reckon, quantize, tally.
contemplate, learn (verb)
meditate, examine, weigh, learn, mind, consider, read, peruse, ponder, hit the books, cogitate, think, cram.
examine (verb)
inspect, scan, check, peruse, observe, survey, verify, review.
examine, analyze (verb)
deliberate, scrutinize, inspect, investigate, figure, canvass.
heed (verb)
mind, concentrate on, watch, pay attention to, scrutinize, attend, take seriously, think about, care about, take notice of, heed.
learn (verb)
read, grasp, assimilate, digest, comprehend, absorb, learn, realize, understand, glean, master, discover.
think (verb)
cerebrate, imagine, debate, muse, speculate, reason, concentrate, deliberate, meditate, envision, reflect, contemplate, ponder, brood, cogitate.

Other synonyms:

checkup, bemusement, illegible, legible, examination, advisement, absent-mindedness, going-over, investigate, specialise, brown study. read-out, reverie, specialize, scrutiny, den, trance, rehearsal, perusal, exercise, research. inspection, practice, abstraction, cram. school. fluent. drill. analyze
evaluate, figure, dissect, estimate.
pay attention to.
Other relevant words:
investigation, analyse, work, office, canvass, research, scrutiny, art, reverie, inspection, studio, library, exercise, perusal, examination, investigate, branch of knowledge, trance, brown study.