Synonyms for Revel:


bash, banquet, all-nighter, block party, B and S, bachelor party, blowout, baby shower, afterparty, bachelorette party. have your fun, go in for, roll, take/find pleasure in (doing) something, delight in, get, drink in, rollick, revel in, indulge, luxuriate, like. laughter. roister, restraint, riot. act (noun)
carousal (noun)
festivity, celebration, entertainment.
celebration, merrymaking (noun)
festivity, wassail, frolic, carouse, party.
revel (noun)
revelry, jollify, enjoy, delight, racket, triumph, make happy, rejoice, wallow, Make Whoopie, make merry, whoop it up, wassail.


celebrate (verb)
frolic, laud, honor, cheer, solemnize, hallow, hail, salute, praise, glorify, observe, acclaim, jubilate, exult, inaugurate, party, trumpet, memorialize, fete, enjoy, proclaim, rejoice, celebrate, carouse, make merry, commemorate, venerate.
consumption (verb)
delight, enjoy.
take pleasure; celebrate (verb)
wallow, roister, rejoice, whoop it up, roll, enjoy, delight, riot, rollick, indulge, make merry, luxuriate.

Other synonyms:

roister. festivity, indulge. luxuriate. riot. celebration. roll. bask
laud, make merry, solemnize, glorify.
make whoopie
Make Whoopie.
Other relevant words:
roll, entertainment, bash, racket, delight in, celebration, like, delight, revel in, banquet, rollick, wallow, revelry, riot, wassail, festivity, triumph, make happy, jollify, Make Whoopie, roister, indulge, whoop it up, luxuriate.

Usage examples for revel

  1. In fact I'll revel in it! – His Second Wife by Ernest Poole