Synonyms for Cheerful:


beautiful (adjective)
blithe (adjective)
cheerful (adjective)
congenial, lighthearted, pleasant, sunny, lively, complaisant, amiable, genial, agreeable, bright, cheery, sparkling, optimistic, warm, pleased, easygoing, merry, jaunty, friendly, glad, spirited, affable, joyful, happy, cordial, jolly, buoyant.
happy (adjective)
enlivening, merry, buoyant, jolly, cheery, bright, hopeful, chirpy, lighthearted, jaunty, sparkling, pleasant, optimistic, perky, sunny, chipper, lively, glad, sprightly, blithe, upbeat, joyful.
joyous (adjective)
perky (adjective)
pleasant (adjective)
gratifying, ecstatic, pleasant, euphoric, blissful, likeable, pleasurable, delightful, happy, joyful, satisfying, exhilarating.
pleasurable (adjective)
delightful, pleasurable, charming, enchanting, delectable, sunny, amusing, entertaining, joyful, pleasant, blissful, jolly, agreeable, bonny, fine, pleasing, sweet, enjoyable, unobjectionable, enlivening, bright, favorable, ambrosial.


heartwarming, life-affirming, good, sprightly, hopeful, uplifting. alive, exuberant, carefree, content. festive, joyous. cheerful (noun)
cheery, lightsome, blithe, debonaire, blithesome, beamish, chirpy, cheering, jaunty, debonair, smiling, pollyannaish, optimistic, perky, twinkly, buoyant, lighthearted, chipper, sunny, beaming, upbeat, glad.

Other synonyms:

uplifting, life-affirming, heartwarming. joyous. festive. content. good. animated
Other relevant words:
chipper, joyous, smiling, uplifting, lightsome, cheering, beamish, debonaire, beaming, blithe, carefree, twinkly, pollyannaish, life-affirming, sprightly, content, perky, good, debonair, exuberant, upbeat, alive, hopeful, festive, chirpy, heartwarming, blithesome.

Usage examples for cheerful

  1. The mother was more cheerful too, than she had been since the father's death. – Shenac's Work at Home by Margaret Murray Robertson
  2. Give me something cheerful and up- to- date and comfortable. – The Heath Hover Mystery by Bertram Mitford
  3. Let us consider these advantages and grow cheerful – The Spy in Black by J. Storer Clouston