Synonyms for Brisk:


all (adjective)
merry, spanking, zippy, alert, lively, snappy, rattling.
chilly, refreshing (weather) (adjective)
stimulating, snappy, bracing, crisp, keen, sharp, invigorating, fresh.
cold (adjective)
energetic (adjective)
strenuous, kinetic.
energizing (adjective)
fast-moving; active (adjective)
alert, quick, speedy, bustling, energetic, zippy, animated, lively, vigorous.
hasty (adjective)
dashing, swift, breakneck, abrupt, quick, fast, urgent, hasty, running, speedy, darting, fleet, bustling, flying, hurried, impatient, rushing, feverish, rapid, galloping, breathless, pelting.
invigorating (adjective)
lively (adjective)
vital, vigorous, active, alert, lively, mettlesome, enthusiastic, animated.
severe (adjective)
correct, dry, acrimonious, obstinate, curt, chilly, bleak, demanding, puritanical, censorious, critical, grim, spare, stark, rigorous, harsh, meticulous, exacting, rigid, draconian, tart, sharp, oppressive, strict, prudish, stringent, hidebound, relentless, inflexible, raw, stiff-necked, lean, imperial, authoritarian, caustic, blunt, acerbic, gruff, obdurate, intolerant, icy, basic, severe, abrupt, brusque, spartan, ascetic, disciplined, unbending, uncompromising, intense, frosty, cutting, dour, fundamental, astringent, piquant, crisp, austere, acute, precise, stern, strait-laced, cool, short, keen.
sharp (adjective)
vigorous (adjective)
windy (adjective)


peremptory, terse, clipped, shortly. big, bloated, collective, business-to-business, anticompetitive, facile, accredited, brick-and-mortar, business, all-night, ability. action, high-speed, kinetic, dynamic, dynamical, at full speed/tilt/throttle, deft, forceful, strenuous. blustery, stormy, unsettled, driving, enterprising, windy, breezy, squally, wild. brisk (noun)
energizing, invigorating, energising, brisk up, energetic, brisken, active, rattling, zippy, merry, fresh, tonic, spanking, bracing, refreshing, snappy, refreshful, lively.
stimulating (noun)


change (verb)
brisk up, brisken.

Other synonyms:

business-to-business, brick-and-mortar, accredited, anticompetitive, squally, driving, dynamical, all-night, blustery, shortly, deft, terse, high-speed, bloated, collective, clipped. kinetic, windy, dynamic, stormy. unsettled, strenuous, big, breezy, facile, forceful, enterprising, business. wild. Other relevant words:
merry, breezy, snappy, strenuous, enterprising, invigorating, active, tonic, energising, kinetic, dynamical, brisken, brick-and-mortar, refreshing, fresh, brisk up, high-speed, stormy, deft, all-night, facile, rattling, refreshful, windy, blustery, forceful, bracing, driving, stimulating, dynamic, zippy, energizing, terse, spanking, energetic, squally, clipped, business-to-business, shortly.

Usage examples for brisk

  1. There was a path down along the rock, which a goat or a brisk lad might be induced to climb, if the prize of the experiment were great enough to justify the hazard. – Tales From Two Hemispheres by Hjalmar Hjorth Boysen
  2. " I'll be right over," was Josie's brisk reply. – Mary Louise and Josie O'Gorman by Emma Speed Sampson