Synonyms for Venerate:


idolatry, genuflect, Alleluia, glory, devotions, magnify, adoration, hosanna, offer up, hallelujah. sacred. venerate (noun)
revere, fear, reverence.


celebrate (verb)
glorify, hallow, praise, memorialize, carouse, revel, salute, solemnize, observe, trumpet, rejoice, laud, jubilate, frolic, hail, cheer, commemorate, party, fete, make merry, enjoy, acclaim, proclaim, celebrate, inaugurate, honor, exult.
idolize (verb)
consecrate, deify, revere, admire, adore, worship, idolize.
respect (verb)
esteem, respect, defer, regard.
revere (verb)
esteem, hallow, idolize, regard, deify, respect, honor, adore, exalt, reverence, worship, cherish, admire.
worship (verb)
devote, dignify, exalt, cherish, pray.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
fear, reverence.

Usage examples for venerate

  1. The more one travels in the mountains, the more one learns to venerate this beneficent society, for the shelter- huts and guide- posts it has erected, and the paths it has made and marked distinctly with various colours. – Little Rivers A Book Of Essays In Profitable Idleness by Henry van Dyke