Synonyms for Distress:


ail, concern, EINA, cark, neuralgia. depression, happy, grieve, remorse, injure, aggrieve. devastate, disturb, dismay, hang over, upset, depress. battle, quagmire, worst-case scenario, nightmare, stress. adversity (noun)
hard luck, curse, blight, ordeal, trial, poorness, burden, bane, hard times, trouble, poverty, disaster, casualty, bad luck, dolor, misfortune, difficulty, tragedy, hardship, misadventure, calamity, woe, destitution, tribulation, rainy day, catastrophe, contretemps, mishap, adversity, peril.
aggravation (noun)
alarm (noun)
distress (noun)
distraint, suffering, hurt.
feeling (noun)
suffering, hurt.
hardship, adversity (noun)
bad luck, poverty, calamity, privation, destitution, misfortune, catastrophe, difficulty, disaster, want, indigence.
misfortune (noun)
danger, crisis.
pain (noun)
inflammation, anguish, affliction, Back Ache, grief, injury, suffering, discomfort, sting, pang, malaise, stitch, headache, bite, infliction, crick, ache, pain, cramp, chafing, hurt, agony, torture, rack, wound, Migraine, gripe, sore, throb, torment, burn, painfulness, misery, spasm, throe, bruise, stab, wrench, irritation, earache, smarting.
pain, agony (noun)
dejection, torment, dolor, disappointment, torture, desolation, ordeal, woe, trouble, pang, anxiety, affliction, suffering, ache, mortification, discomfort, heartache, trial, perplexity, throe, shame, worry, tribulation, wretchedness, malaise, concern, embarrassment, misery, grief, vexation, anguish, irritation, headache.
poverty (noun)
embarrassment, paucity, want, privation, insufficiency, penury, impoverishment, famine, indigence, dearth, homelessness, Beggarliness, pennilessness, asceticism, insolvency, mendicancy, pauperism, bankruptcy, lack, tenuity.
punishment (noun)
correction, judgment, payment, persecution, chastisement, verdict, price, punishment, retribution, crucifixion, confinement, incarceration, castigation, reprisal, execution, imprisonment, penalty, revenge, forfeiture.


pain (verb)
agonize, irritate, chafe, afflict, suffer, inflame, smart.
punish (verb)
chastise, chasten, try, incarcerate, pillory, Keelhaul, crucify, avenge, sentence, persecute, discipline, fine, execute, imprison, lambaste, reprise, penalize, castigate, correct, confine, judge, punish.
worry, upset (verb)
agonize, ail, try, rack, hurt, irritate, wound, injure, depress, disturb, grieve, pain, stress, aggrieve, afflict.

Other synonyms:

disappointment, hang over, depress, devastate, cark, dejection, ail, remorse, neuralgia, EINA, heartache, worry. aggrieve, dismay, grieve, depression, disturb. concern. stress, injure. upset. misery

Usage examples for distress

  1. Sir Purcell bade him observe her distress – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith
  2. How it will distress them- they've so built upon it! – The Garies and Their Friends by Frank J. Webb
  3. Why should he distress you? – The Black Robe by Wilkie Collins