Synonyms for Proclaim:


address, issue, render, bring forward, inform. knowledge, words, annunciate, put out, let it be known that, spread. signify, introduce, betray, usher in, denote, start, stand for, indicate, identify, mean, symbolize, represent. display, manifest, demonstrate, evidence, show, evince. declare (noun)
blazon, study at declare.
proclaim (noun)
extol, promulgate, exclaim, laud, predicate, glorify, exalt.


advertise, make known (verb)
broadcast, annunciate, blazon, indicate, trumpet, affirm, declare, evidence, disseminate, evince, promulgate, announce, profess, show, manifest, demonstrate, exhibit.
affirm (verb)
assert, acknowledge, express, set down, propound, adjure, pledge, endorse, claim, assure, support, verify, affirm, state, admit, profess, testify, approve, contend, aver, certify, submit, ratify, sustain, pronounce, promise, accept, attest, avouch, validate, warrant, declare, corroborate, maintain.
celebrate (verb)
frolic, party, hallow, praise, enjoy, exult, trumpet, jubilate, memorialize, rejoice, commemorate, honor, acclaim, laud, make merry, fete, glorify, hail, carouse, celebrate, solemnize, venerate, salute, inaugurate, cheer, observe, revel.
disclose (verb)
divulge, announce, disseminate, confess, reveal, brief, communicate, exhibit, broadcast, advertise, uncloak, disclose, unmask.

Other synonyms:

denote, symbolize, bring forward, inform, issue, identify, annunciate. evince, signify, stand for, manifest, render. demonstrate, indicate. display, betray, represent. spread. introduce, put out. address, mean. show. celebrate
laud, make merry, solemnize, glorify.
shout out
Other relevant words:
evince, spread, represent, exclaim, extol, bring forward, symbolize, indicate, betray, identify, manifest, issue, demonstrate, introduce, predicate, show, put out, promulgate, annunciate, signify, display, stand for, address, usher in, evidence, render, exalt, blazon.

Usage examples for proclaim

  1. It scarcely knows itself; simply because it is restless and wants to proclaim 'Look, I too am living on the earth. – Reminiscences of Anton Chekhov by Maxim Gorky Alexander Kuprin I. A. Bunin