Synonyms for Cheer:


yeah (interjection)


brownie points, credit, mirth, respect, regard, recognition, glee, a pat on the back, compliment, admiration. binomial, axiom, adage, cite, aphorism, citation, solace, battle cry, encouragement, catchphrase, cliche. jump for joy, roar, approbation, be happy for someone, live happily ever after, thrive on, approval, cheering, applause, rejoice in, look forward to, hurrah. help, perk up, nerve, buck up. motivate, inspirit. applaud, root, clap. beatitude, felicity, blessedness. amusement (noun)
applause, supportive yell (noun)
cry, roar, approbation, approval, shout, hurrah.
cheer (noun)
exhort, hearten, jolly along, Chirk Up, urge on, embolden, barrack, recreate, inspire, jolly up, urge, pep up, cheerfulness, cheer up.
cheerfulness (noun)
easygoingness, bonhomie, amiability, congeniality, buoyancy, pleasance, affability, good humor, cheerfulness, friendliness, sunniness, gaiety, jauntiness, warmness, agreeableness, joyfulness, merriness, geniality, lightheartedness, Jolliness, complaisance, cordiality, happiness, Cheeriness.
cheer up (noun)
encourage, gladness, brighten, joyfulness, perk up, hurrah, buck up, cheerfulness, applause, hearten, happiness, console.
cry (noun)
happiness (noun)
gaiety, lightheartedness, gladness, joy, mirth, geniality, Cheeriness, encouragement, jauntiness, elation, cheerfulness, glee, nirvana, buoyancy, solace, delight.
hurrah (noun)
pleasure (noun)
enthrallment, enjoyment, Bonniness, contentment, entertainment, euphoria, pleasure, brightness, agreeability, exhilaration, jollity, relish, satisfaction, delight, amusement, gratification, joy, bliss, gladness, well-being, ecstasy, rapture.


celebrate (verb)
honor, enjoy, observe, exult, salute, proclaim, acclaim, inaugurate, laud, praise, rejoice, jubilate, hallow, memorialize, party, frolic, venerate, celebrate, revel, hail, trumpet, fete, make merry, carouse, solemnize, commemorate, glorify.
cheer (verb)
enliven, lighten, gladden, console, hearten, please, inspire, brighten, encourage.
cry (verb)
growl, howl, exclaim, bawl, cry, shout, moan, groan, shriek, call, scream, clamor, whoop, holler, yell.
emotion (verb)
embolden, recreate, hearten.
encourage in activity (verb)
clap, applaud, salute, acclaim, hail, yell, root.
make someone feel happier (verb)
enliven, exhilarate, buck up, inspirit, perk up, help, console, embolden, brighten, hearten, gladden, encourage.
please (verb)
exhilarate, satisfy, gratify.

Other synonyms:

cite, gurgle, cluck, beatitude, encouragement, inspirit, grunt, applaud, binomial. citation, tickle, motivate. enchant. amuse
recreate, gratify.
cheer up
buck up.
chirk up
Chirk Up.

Usage examples for cheer

  1. " That is not Henry," asserted Lefever with his usual cheer – Nan of Music Mountain by Frank H. Spearman
  2. Here was strength and cheer and comfort for twenty men. – Marion's Faith. by Charles King
  3. So rise up out o' that cheer and get one. – Drift from Two Shores by Bret Harte