Synonyms for Ruling:


commanding (adjective)
dominant, governing (adjective)
controlling, reigning, leading, sovereign, commanding, supreme, regnant.
influential (adjective)
authoritative, motivational, masterful, prejudicial, leading, senior, controlling, influential, powerful, predominant, important, supreme, commanding.
master (adjective)
principal, directing, commanding, senior, head, governing, master, leading, Presiding, star.
powerful (adjective)
prevailing, main (adjective)
principal, preponderant, chief, predominant, dominant.
superior (adjective)
leading, king, uppermost, furthermost, consummate, above, dominant, commanding, master, A 1, ascendant, maximum, controlling, signal, furthest, supreme, Headmost, elite, eminent, champion, chosen, choice, quintessential, crowning, chief, better, superior, foremost, zenith, sovereign, predominant, senior, most, paramount, best.


accede, coronation, commoner, dethrone, abdicate, court, depose, crown, the crown, accession. acquit, acquittal, bar, preponderant, call for, over, charge, bring in a verdict, award, Dominative, annul, citation. Prepotent. law, edict, decree. act (noun)
decision (noun)
law, decree.
judgement (noun)
decision, verdict, resolution, assessment, adjudication, appraisal, pronouncement, sentence, arbitration, determination, judgment, mediation, justice, consideration.
judgment, decree (noun)
finding, edict, pronouncement, law, resolution, adjudication, decision, verdict.
ruling (noun)
opinion, powerful, regnant, reigning.


commanding (verb)
grasping, reigning, gripping, swaying, coordinating, Charging, holding.
controlling (verb)
executing, steering, Administering, Disciplining, Superintending, Managing, supervising, Harnessing, piloting, dominating, Bridling, Overseeing, Presiding, governing, ordering, directing.
directing (verb)
conducting, mastering, Bossing, Lording.
dominating (verb)
bettering, conquering, succeeding, Vanquishing, winning, Triumphing, Oppressing, Surmounting, subordinating, Predominating, prevailing, Overcoming.
judging (verb)
refereeing, Pronouncing, Sentencing, finding, appraising, deciding, Mediating, Considering, determining, resolving, Adjudicating, Assessing, Arbitrating, judging.
mastering (verb)

Other synonyms:

Dominative. Prepotent, preponderant. law, edict, decree. Other relevant words:
accession, dethrone, annul, over, coronation, edict, abdicate, bar, regnant, citation, award, Dominative, acquit, law, commoner, opinion, depose, acquittal, Prepotent, decree, charge, preponderant, court, crown, accede.

Usage examples for ruling

  1. R61788. British ruling cases ... – U.S. Copyright Renewals, 1950 January - June by U.S. Copyright Office
  2. That is our ruling passion, our national characteristic, the primary cause of most crimes, big or little. – The Clue of the Twisted Candle by Edgar Wallace
  3. Where will you find a parallel to that statement of policy by the supreme government of a ruling race? – The Character of the British Empire by Ramsay Muir