Synonyms for Driven:


all (adjective)
bound (adjective)
impelled, Urged, obliged.
compelled (adjective)
motivated, directed, ambitious, possessed, forced, obsessed, guided, monomaniacal, Galvanized, type a, induced, Herded, impelled, compulsive, Pushed, urged on, consumed, Steered.
energetic (adjective)
mighty, powerful, snappy, ardent, spirited, vigorous, strong, zealous, mettlesome, peppy, potent, forceful, fervid, energetic, zippy, spunky, puissant, active, effervescent, vivacious.
motivated (adjective)
motivated, stimulated, fired, induced, provoked, forceful, triggered, Energized.


insistent, competitive, persistent, sedulous, dedicated, purposeful. driven (noun)
motivated, unvoluntary, ambitious, involuntary, compulsive, determined, nonvoluntary, goaded, impelled.


battled (verb)
Fought, campaigned, Conflicted, Scuffled, Combated, tussled, engaged, contested, Struggled, Battled, scrambled.
caused (verb)
induced, gave rise to, effected, Engendered, provoked, drove, forced, evoked, enforced, Caused, brought about, given rise to, Engineered, made, motivated, Generated, inspired, elicited, executed, Brought, Originated, produced, Acted.
compelled (verb)
stimulated, Bulldozed, dictated, daunted, Dragooned, browbeaten, browbeat, obliged, bullied, stressed, Nagged, pressured, pressed, mandated, intimidated, Coerced, Urged, Incited, Fomented, Galvanized, hijacked.
energized (verb)
invigorated, recharged, Energized, powered, revived, sparked, charged, activated, Roused, fired, empowered.
motivated (verb)
Bumped, Hurtled, Jerked, jolted, Jogged, Poked, Knocked, nudged, struck, Enticed, Hastened, stricken, shot, moved, triggered, Jostled, Instigated, fermented, magnetized, Punched.
propelled (verb)
Flicked, pitched, Precipitated, canted, Threw, Propelled, Bowled, goaded, projected, cast, heaved, Shunted, bunted, Shoved, Prodded, compelled, catapulted, Pelted, Launched, thrown, chucked, Pushed, Rammed, Butted, Lobbed, Flung, Slung, Tossed, impelled, thrust, Hurled.
wandered (verb)
Roved, Toured, Strolled, Wandered, Sojourned, Roamed, Tripped, Trekked, Cycled, traveled, Coursed, Rambled, Promenaded, Marched, Ambled, Hiked, Walked, Journeyed, Jaunted.

Other synonyms:

insistent, sedulous, persistent, purposeful, dedicated. bound. competitive. Other relevant words:
Drifted, purposeful, dedicated, sedulous, nonvoluntary, uptight, urged on, compulsive, obsessed, Herded, involuntary, directed, Steered, persistent, ambitious, blown, monomaniacal, bound, unvoluntary, consumed, possessed, determined, insistent, guided, competitive, type a, inner-directed.

Usage examples for driven

  1. Once she stopped and turned, and saw that the buggy, with the mud- colored horse, was being driven away, and that Master Junius was coming along the road to the house. – The Late Mrs. Null by Frank Richard Stockton
  2. Have I driven you from your home, Giovanni? – Sant' Ilario by F. Marion Crawford
  3. They will say that your quarrel with your wife has driven you to support yourself- and that will be cruel to Bessy. – The Fruit of the Tree by Edith Wharton