Synonyms for Inquire:


put to, interview, put someone on the spot, pick someone's brains. study, analyze. reconnoiter, scout, dig. inquire (noun)
enquire, ask, wonder, investigate.


ask; look into (verb)
probe, catechize, query, examine, interrogate, question, study, seek, investigate, explore, analyze.
question (verb)
explore, quiz, debate, contemplate, survey, canvass, ask, investigate, poll, catechize, delve, interpolate, challenge, examine, dispute, interrogate.
request (verb)
requisition, urge, invite, request, bid, plead, want, desire, appeal, query, solicit, wish, probe, summon, petition, demand, question, seek.

Other synonyms:

reconnoiter. put to, scout. interview, dig. enquire
Other relevant words:
enquire, wonder, dig, reconnoiter, analyze, ask, study, scout.

Usage examples for inquire

  1. " I do not think of one, but will make it my business to inquire returned Mr. Markland. – The Good Time Coming by T. S. Arthur
  2. I learned that he was ill, and came to inquire after him. – The Garies and Their Friends by Frank J. Webb