Synonyms for Grip:


fire someone with enthusiasm, motivate, attract, inspire, excite, ligature, dazzle, purchase, interest, enthuse. fist, anchor, fastening, grab, enclosure, fixing, clamp, cabin baggage, backpack, accompanied baggage, Attache Case, briefcase, bum bag, cincture, cinch, baggage, snag, vise, wrench, squeeze. director, bluescreen, Directorial, auteur, affect, animator, filmmaker, best boy, art director, gaffer, cameraman. confines, corner, apex, brim, back, bump, edge, bottom, apprehension, savvy, understanding, comprehension, bevel, knowledge. oligopoly, greatness, force, might, monopoly, leadership. hub, bald, radial, hubcap, flat, inner tube, flange, remould, cartwheel. blow dryer, curler, barrette, comb, conditioner, curling iron, dye, color. touch, contact, brush, pat, tap, handling. hang on, carry, keep hold of something, hold tight, cradle. slither, glide, slide, slip, dance, float, skid. clasp, embrace (noun)
grapple, fastening, squeeze, enclosure, wrench, handgrip, clamp, clench, anchor, clutch, cinch, purchase, cincture, vise, grasp, ligature, hold, fixing.
command (noun)
management, charge, power, mastery, discipline, government, law, sovereignty, rule, coordination, command, control, domination, direction, prowess, reign, commission, authority, supremacy, mandate, sway, will.
fastener (noun)
grip (noun)
hairgrip, adhesive friction, grasp, handle, grapple, handgrip, fascinate, traveling bag, bobby pin, traction, bag, clench, transfix, clutches, clutch, clasp, hold, spellbind, suitcase, hold on.
luggage (noun)
luggage, brief case, handbag, trunk, knapsack, rucksack, portmanteau, traveling bag, suitcase, kit, carpetbag, haversack, duffel bag, valise, bag, satchel, gladstone.
perception, understanding (noun)
power, comprehension, clutches, domination, influence, control.
savvy (noun)


command (verb)
master, direct, coordinate, govern, manage, dominate.
entrance, enchant (verb)
fascinate, spellbind.
grip (verb)
grasp, seize, keep, embrace, adhere, clasp, have, retain, clutch, hold, grapple.
hold tightly (verb)
seize, snag, clasp.

Other synonyms:

fist, inner tube, affect, hubcap, influence, radial, lead to, flange. understanding, color, hub, remould, anchor, cartwheel, decide. inspire, comprehension, skew, bald. hang on, apprehension, stir, pat, handling. cradle. contact. brush. tap. flat. touch. carry. grasp
hang on
hold on.

Usage examples for grip

  1. She was in my grip I had her to myself right away from the other boys. – Fragments of an Autobiography by Felix Moscheles
  2. The lower end of this handle has a piece of light wood fixed to it to form a firm grip for the hand. – Children of Borneo by Edwin Herbert Gomes
  3. Suddenly Androvsky put his arm round her with an iron grip and led her away out of the tent. – The Garden Of Allah by Robert Hichens