Synonyms for Ease:


amendment, abolish, backdate, Familiarity, abrogate, codify, criminalize, composure, amend, come in, naturalness, bring in, poise, decriminalize. luxury, contribute, get past, wealth, nurture, foster, nurse, prosperity, make for, affluence. clear, break, clear up, brighten up, break through, cloud, spontaneity, lift, casualness, fickle, unceremoniousness, close in, unrestraint, tighten. elementary, convenient, come naturally/easily/easy (to someone), undemanding, simple, effortless, mindless, trouble-free, manageable, continue. drift, creep, facileness, trail, fall behind, dawdle, easy, meander, drop back, crawl. thrive, come off, uncoil, steam open, detach, undo, unhook, unfurl, rich, unfasten, easy street, uncouple, prosperousness, unroll. at ease (noun)
calm, mitigate, alleviate, comfort, smooth, relieve, palliate, moderate, lessen, comfortable, abate, soothe, reduce, relent, assuage, facilitate, diminish, allay, relax, lighten.
attribute (noun)
easiness, simplicity.
calmness (noun)
equilibrium, cool head, self-possession, equanimity, control.
contentment (noun)
snugness, complacency, serenity, satisfaction, easy-goingness, peace of mind, contentment.
ease (noun)
comfort, relieve, easiness, relief, alleviate, facilitate, still, repose, informality, simplicity, relaxation, rest, allay.
ease off (noun)
decrease, slacken, abate, relent, diminish, moderate.
facility (noun)
effortlessness, deftness, Dexterousness, smoothness, handiness, efficiency, fluency, simplicity, facility, adroitness.
facility, freedom (noun)
composure, naturalness, dexterity, efficiency, smoothness, dispatch, effortlessness, fluency, expertise, snap, quickness, cinch, informality, simplicity, cleverness, breeze, Familiarity, adroitness, poise.
inactivity (noun)
leisure (noun)
inactivity, rest, convenience, repose, leisure, relaxation.
peace, quiet; lack of difficulty (noun)
contentment, relaxation, easiness, leisure, security, inactivity, luxury, prosperity, peace of mind, serenity, rest, calmness, quietness, satisfaction, comfort, calm, tranquility, affluence, repose.
prosperity (noun)
relief (noun)
alleviation, palliation.
repose (noun)
holiday, vacation, furlough.
simplicity (noun)
state (noun)


alleviate (verb)
mitigate, reduce, palliate, lessen, allay.
alleviate, help (verb)
assist, promote, free, soothe, simplify, smooth, pacify, release, lessen, facilitate, lift, relieve, relent, mollify, abate, soften, moderate, palliate, appease, still, lighten, expedite, nurse, aid, assuage, mitigate, quiet, allay, cure, tranquilize, slacken, relax.
console (verb)
reassure, sympathize, commiserate.
facilitate (verb)
aid, facilitate, expedite, promote, encourage, assist, advance, simplify.
free (verb)
emancipate, unchain, free, unbind, disentangle, liberate, Unfetter, unleash, release, Disentwine, reprieve, untie, disencumber.
guide, move carefully (verb)
lighten (verb)
lighten, unload.
moderate (verb)
compose, abate, cool, tranquilize, alleviate, pacify, restrain, relax, calm, quiet, soothe, moderate, subdue, soften.
pacify (verb)
hush, defuse, stabilize, smooth, quell, ebb, placate, reconcile, mollify, conciliate.
relaxed (verb)
untroubled, comfortable, collected, carefree.
relieve (verb)
comfort, appease, lull, relieve, remedy, assuage, console, cure, help.

Other synonyms:

naturalness, deaden, brighten up, facileness, easy street, fickle, unceremoniousness, prosperousness, palliation, casualness. poise, prosperity, meander. break through, crawl. drift. cloud. trail. fall. break. lift. clear. calmness
equanimity, cool head, equilibrium, control, composure.
informality, Familiarity.
make peace
Other relevant words:
easiness, facileness, casualness, well-being, relief, slacken.

Usage examples for ease

  1. They looked very cool, very much at their ease and very well inclined for tea. – The Green Carnation by Robert Smythe Hichens
  2. And now everybody was at ease – The-Brick-Moon-and-Other-Stories by Hale, Edward Everett